Large scale agribusiness initiative to benefit 565,000 smallholders in Uganda, Malawi, and Nepal

The Commercial Agriculture for Smallholders and Agribusiness (CASA) programme seeks to catalyse change by increasing investment in agribusinesses that trade with smallholders, while increasing smallholder engagement and benefits from such investments

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NIRAS Young Professional Academy

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Transforming agricultural production in Kenya

By increasing productivity, improving entrepreneurial skills, providing access to markets, and strengthening coordination within the agricultural sector, the Agricultural Sector Development Support Programme seeks to create opportunities for the poor to support themselves

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Inspiring Change

Stories from the Field

Sometimes we get so caught up in results and indicators, we miss the human stories of how NIRAS projects impact people’s lives. Here are some voices that are not often heard.

International Training Programmes

NIRAS specialises in planning, preparing and conducting ITPs, courses, seminars and study tours on a wide range of topics.

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External Evaluation of the Think Tank Initiative Phase 2

NIRAS Indevelop is contracted to carry out a learning evaluation of the Think Tank Initiative over a period of four years.