FemBioBiz winners selected at the South Africa Innovation Summit

Chosen from over 500 entries, 32 women entrepreneurs and students competed for a chance to pitch at SLUSH, the annual leading startup event in Finland.

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Group of newly graduated junior consultants

NIRAS Young Professional Academy

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Forest management information system in Viet Nam ensures sustainability by providing up-to-date information

The efficient protection of Viet Nam’s forest resources requires accurate, up-to-date information in order to make sustainable management decisions. The widespread use of a standard management information system – FORMIS II– offers the answer.

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Sometimes we get so caught up in results and indicators, we miss the human stories of how NIRAS projects impact people’s lives. Here are some voices that are not often heard.

External Evaluation of the Think Tank Initiative Phase 2

NIRAS Indevelop is contracted to carry out a learning evaluation of the Think Tank Initiative over a period of four years.