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Tanzania wins ‘Best Market Stall’ promoting women and youth at an EU Global Climate Change Alliance Regional event

Colourful display wins hearts showcasing efforts to reduce dependence on rain-fed agriculture by supporting craft and entrepreneurship

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NIRAS Young Professional Academy

Have the world as your workplace: Become a development aid consultant for two years as part of the NIRAS talent programme ‘NIRAS Young Professional Academy’.


Innovative capacity-building programme mainstreams climate change adaptation and disaster risk management into water supply and sanitation

Integrating vulnerability and resilience into Cambodia’ rural water supply and sanitation investment plans will ensure infrastructure sustainability

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Stories from the Field

Sometimes we get so caught up in results and indicators, we miss the human stories of how NIRAS projects impact people’s lives. Here are some voices that are not often heard.

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EU Framework Contracts

As the lead partner for two Lots and participating partner for three, NIRAS is deeply involved in the European Union's multi-year framework contracts for aid and development.

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International Training Programmes

NIRAS specialises in planning, preparing and conducting ITPs, courses, seminars and study tours on a wide range of topics.