02. Dec 2020

“Investing for Employment” Facility launches in Tunisia and Côte d’Ivoire

Public and private sector applicants seeking grant funding for projects to create jobs, improve working conditions, and increase skills are invited to submit applications under two new calls.

24. Nov 2020

NIRAS is testing new DNA tools for the monitoring of ecosystems and biological production systems

Can DNA technologies be used to monitor natural and engineered ecosystems? This is the question that NIRAS is investigating together with a number of companies in a project supported by Innovation Fund Denmark. And there is still room for more participants.

09. Nov 2020

Great recognition of achievements being made in growing the skills of Serbia’s young job seekers

Receiving accolades and municipal funding for training, the Education to Employment project is winning hearts and minds with its bridge-building model connecting the youth, companies and training providers.

22. Oct 2020

Harnessing the potential of digital data in support of the SDGs in a smart, efficient, and safe way

Tapping into the insights of global technical experts and development practitioners, the newly released Frontier Data Study provides inspiration and instruction on how to engage with the latest opportunities with digital data and emerging technologies.

21. Oct 2020

Joint UK-Kenyan project blends earth observation data with local stakeholder input to support the sustainable supply of sand and aggregates in Kenya

With the global demand for sand increasing, NIRAS is excited to be part of a team to develop a more sustainable system for the management of this important resource.

20. Oct 2020

Strengthening women’s economic empowerment in Asia-Pacific by supporting greater gender equality in the selection of suppliers

NIRAS team begins mapping existing practices, preparing recommendations and developing tools to ensure procurement is more gender-responsive

23. Sep 2020

Marking seven years of success, the gender-responsive budgeting project comes to a close with a big win in Ukraine’s new budget law

Joining an elite few countries that have mainstreamed gender considerations into their national budgets, 35% of Ukraine’s key spending units underscored gender equality in their requests for state budget funds.

15. Sep 2020

History leaves its traces in Greenland – now it’s time to clean up

Empty barrels in large piles, military vehicles, and old airplane wrecks are some of the remnants illustrating the history of remote areas in Greenland. NIRAS has won the assignment to assess and screen eight of the affected locations.

21. Aug 2020

Large infrastructure project to improve Intercity connections in Eastern Norway

NIRAS and Dr.techn.Olav Olsen have been selected to construction joint venture, consisting of Implenia and ACCIONA.

19. Aug 2020

Ten forests will help Denmark’s largest retail group to become climate positive

The supermarket chain Coop with 1,100 Danish stores is working intently to become climate positive. Several afforestation projects will contribute to realise the ambition. NIRAS consults Coop on the international standards that apply to climate compensation.

17. Aug 2020

Boosting Kenyan businesses to spur inclusive growth

In cooperation with the World Bank, the Kenyan Government has initiated a project to strengthen the country’s economy through small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). In a joint venture with Intellecap, NIRAS will support select businesses through capacity-building and performance-based funding.

17. Aug 2020

Savvy apps provide overview of complex constructions in a split second

Constant changes on construction projects challenge all parties in the construction industry. PhD and HVAC engineer Mads Holten Rasmussen and his team have developed user-friendly apps that give all parties a better overview and ensure better workflows throughout the construction process.

14. Aug 2020

Three years in the running, a green economic growth programme in Indonesia is delivering on its pledge to help scale up environmentally friendly enterprises

The aim of achieving ecologically sustainable and equitable growth is within reach of Papua Provinces as the green economy grows, yielding positive environmental and economic benefits.

31. Jul 2020

A driving force in Burkina Faso’s agri-business trade, female entrepreneurs tap into Danish funds to create jobs and improve livelihoods

Women-owned businesses come out as winners in a private sector development programme focussed on increasing productivity and added value of agricultural incomes

Koege water dyke
28. Jul 2020

NIRAS in charge of one of the largest coastal protection projects in Denmark

An extensive coastal protection project near the capital region of Denmark will be carried out by NIRAS in cooperation with LYTT Architecture. The project will protect 19,000 citizens along a 6.8 mile coastal line utilising dikes, walls, partitions, canal locks, and mobile solutions.

Woman ordering baked goods from another woman with a blurred out face
16. Jul 2020

Improved social protection policies and greater inclusion of vulnerable groups enable opportunities for a higher standard of living in Serbia

Three-year EU programme supported initiatives to raise social welfare standards through innovative instruments.

Cartoon people holding up puzzle pieces
15. Jul 2020

Ambitious project kickstarts its work to streamline data on education, labour market and social policy across North Macedonia

Transitioning to a more productive economy, the Balkan nation is committed to addressing issues that perpetuate low quality education and persistent youth unemployment.

People in conference
13. Jul 2020

Simplified procedures net savings of more than €5 million annually in Serbia

Coming to a successful close, a NIRAS-implemented EU project has led to an updated regulatory framework that improves the business environment and facilitates free market competition

Waste water
30. Jun 2020

When you flush the toilet, they celebrate at the wastewater treatment plant

New Danish legislation says it clearly: Wastewater is increasingly becoming a resource that can be utilised and contribute to the green transition – thanks to new technologies and innovative thinking.

Metal fence
26. Jun 2020

European potential: Waste lid reduces greenhouse gas emissions from old landfills

The household waste recycling centre (HWRC) in Assens, Denmark is located on top of an old landfill, which produces the climate-deteriorating gas methane. A new bio-cover made of composted garden waste transforms the methane into carbon dioxide, which is far less harmful to the climate.

Boy cutting wood pieces with a knife
10. Jun 2020

Paving the way for greater uptake of agroforestry farming systems

International practitioners call for greater access to finance, marketing and advisory services, alongside improved technical skills and supportive government policy to reach new markets.

Group photo of women
29. May 2020

Lots of hip hip hoorays as participants in the NIRAS Young Professionals Academy gather virtually to celebrate graduation

After two years of demanding but rewarding consultancy work in multiple offices around the globe, NYPA graduates take up positions in the organisation with a renewed spirit of collaboration.

Escalator lit up by red lights
25. May 2020

New Radisson Red hotel in Denmark

Get an exclusive look into the brand new Radisson Red hotel before it welcomes its first guests in Aarhus, Denmark.

Man looking at computer, with a bunch of wires besides him
25. May 2020

Big boost to efforts promoting expansion in Bolivia’s use of renewables and increased energy efficiency

A significant milestone is reached as key energy market players agree new indicators to measure, report and verify progress as part of the GIZ Renewable Energies Programme - PEERR.

Man staring into camera
18. May 2020

Jens Brandt Bering is appointed Senior Vice President of Utility

Creating space for technical curiosity is important to make employees thrive. This is the opinion of NIRAS’ new Senior Vice President of Utility.

Drawing of the balancing of work- and home life
14. May 2020

The European Institute of Gender Equality launches its online gender budgeting toolkit

NIRAS experts worked with the Institute to develop an innovative step-by-step guide to assist EU managing authorities in taking gender equality perspectives on board in EU funds programming.

Man and two women in an online meeting
13. May 2020

"Let's address the issues together": the EU reassures ASEAN youth of its commitment to the region

In a virtual talk with representatives of youth organisations from across Southeast Asia, the EU Ambassador to the ASEAN expresses solidarity with the region especially in its fight to preserve and promote biodiversity.

Boost up
12. May 2020

Skills development and networking programme open to early-stage startups trying to solve societal problems using technology

Coordinated by the Southern Africa Innovation Support Programme (SAIS 2), Connected Hubs announces that the BOOST UP 2020 startup series is now taking applications.

carsten toft boesen in front of SDGs
01. May 2020

CEO Carsten Toft Boesen becomes the New Chairman of the Board at Roskilde University, Denmark

Many years of senior management experience from the business world and a great deal of insight into the university sector are among the competencies that the new chairman of the board of Roskilde University will use to strengthen the university's position.

01. May 2020

External consultants highly rate experience of working with NIRAS

In the 2020 Expert Satisfaction Survey, NIRAS development cooperation experts provide encouraging feedback and offer insights into improving collaboration.

Emballerede baller med plastaffald til genanvendelse.
29. Apr 2020

Acquisition unites market leading consulting team for the waste sector

State, municipalities, and companies can look forward to innovative and interdisciplinary consultancy within waste management.

aerial view of large building
26. Mar 2020

New carbon-neutral drinks factory in Rotterdam for juice company innocent

The NIRAS owned company Integrated Food Projects has laid the foundations for juice company innocent’s new carbon-neutral drinks factory in Rotterdam.

Christine Dalgaard og Andreas Bøving
24. Mar 2020

The dream of effectuating engineering has now come true

In NIRAS, two young engineers have realised their dream to revolutionize engineering. They have achieved this by developing and designing a digital tool, which decreases the amount of manual calculations.

carsten toft boesen in front of SDGs
23. Mar 2020

NIRAS delivers satisfactory 2019-result, but Corona is causing uncertainty about the future

2019 was a good year for NIRAS with international growth and a 20 percent progression in the result.

areal view of helsingborg by night
18. Mar 2020

NIRAS contributes to strategic analysis of a fixed link between Elsinore and Helsingborg

NIRAS has been appointed by The Danish Transport, Construction and Housing Authority to make supplementary preliminary investigation of a fixed rail link between Elsinore and Helsingborg.

symbol society
16. Mar 2020

Information for clients and business partners

We are more focused than ever on delivering our services and assisting our clients during this challenging situation.

Thomas B Olsen
19. Feb 2020

NIRAS acquires United Kingdom food and drink specialist Integrated Food Projects

NIRAS has acquired the British company Integrated Food Projects, which provides independent advice to food and drink businesses. The acquisition strengthens NIRAS’ position within the British and international food and beverage sector and enables them to provide a full range of consulting and engineering services to the industry.

19. Feb 2020

From gardener to cannabis producer: New producers of medical cannabis face challenges

The production of medical cannabis in Denmark is growing rapidly. Thanks to our expertise in manufacturing plant design, NIRAS is able to help traditional gardeners redesign their horticultural operations into growing medically approved cannabis.

building facade
04. Feb 2020

NIRAS wins KAB framework agreement for new building project

Along with architect firm DOMUS and GHB Landscape Architects, NIRAS has won a framework agreement for a new building project with KAB. With more than 60,000 rental residencies in the Copenhagen area, KAB is the largest administrative housing organisation in Denmark.

cold war museum
23. Jan 2020

Denmark’s secret atomic bunker will become the heart of a new Cold War museum

An underground bunker, located in the middle of Rold Skov in Himmerland, Denmark was a shelter for the Danish Government and Royal Family in the 1960’s, when doomsday seemed to be lurking right around the corner. Now the bunker will be revived as the centre for Denmark’s Cold War museum. NIRAS is consulting on the project.

Theis Tarp Rasmussen (TTR)
23. Jan 2020

Janne Aas-Jakobsen resigns as General Manager of NIRAS Norway

After a number of years of profitable gazelle growth, Janne Aas-Jakobsen has chosen to resign as General Manager of NIRAS Norway.

outside blixens
30. Dec 2019

Blixens is The Building of the Year 2019 in Denmark

The new office building in the western part of Aarhus has just won the award for The Building of the Year 2019 in the category, Industry. The building is the first step towards a comprehensive transformation of the district. NIRAS has delivered all engineering disciplines and is very proud of the new title.

Two people looking at a computer. Martine Baklien (MBAK),  Kjell Joar Nykmark (KNK)
23. Dec 2019

Looking for 19 engineers and specialists to create the sustainable mobility of tomorrow

Several new and exciting infrastructure projects open up for career opportunities in both Norway, Sweden and Denmark - are you looking for new challenges, please read on.

Woman working in a farm carrying a baby on her back
04. Dec 2019

NIRAS-managed project gives clean water to 330,000 in South Sudan

In South Sudan, a large water and development project led by NIRAS advisors has achieved remarkable results and great acknowledgement despite being interrupted by civil war. One of the main reasons for this success has been a sense of local ownership and close dialogue with the involved communities.

Port in Mombasa, Kenya
28. Nov 2019

NIRAS wins contract for development of Tanga port and national port masterplan for Tanzania

NIRAS has signed a contract for study and design of a new oil terminal and expansion of Tanzania’s second largest port in Tanga. The agreement includes a masterplan for the strategic development of the ports of Tanzania during the next 25 years.

Two girls sitting on the floor in a room and drawing
22. Nov 2019

Radon inside your home: Now is the best time to test for the invisible enemy in your basement

In Denmark, the municipalities are responsible for the indoor climate in public buildings. In relation hereto, NIRAS executed a large radon inspection for one of the Danish municipalities last year.

Areal view of new railway in Norway
14. Nov 2019

Large infrastructure projects to improve rail efficiency on the InterCity line between Drammen and Kobbervikdalen in Norway

The time spent on travelling will be reduced and the frequency of train departures will increase for one and a half million Norwegians when Bane NOR, the state-owned company responsible for Norwegian railway infrastructure, expands the railway system in south-eastern Norway. Together with Dr. Techn. Olav Olsen, a structural engineering and marine technology consultancy, NIRAS has been appointed adviser on two major turnkey projects for the construction of a double-track railway line between Drammen and Kobbervikdalen.

Group of people discussing SDG's in Greenland
13. Nov 2019

Sustainable Development Goals contribute to the development of Greenlandic municipality

NIRAS assists Avannaata Kommunia with incorporating the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals in their policy plan for 2020. An exciting challenge in a country, where you can feel and observe climate change everywhere.

four glasses of beer
07. Nov 2019

New features in NIRAS’ benchmarking of the global beer and beverage industry

NIRAS Brewing Benchmark Club will introduce new features to its performance evaluation tools. With a focus on flexibility and sustainability, members of the benchmark club will be able to explore data freely and to make comparisons across regions and plant sizes.

07. Nov 2019

One step closer to sustainable aviation fuel

The aviation fuel of the future might very well be green. This is the conclusion of a report that NIRAS has contributed to. By combining biogas, CO2 and hydrogen in an innovative manner, we are not far from creating sustainable aviation fuel. And a plane ticket will not exceed the price level of 2013.

Areal view of Carlsberg Fredericia building
01. Nov 2019

NIRAS helps Carlsberg to halve its water usage at brewery in Fredericia

NIRAS is an integral part of a water saving project that will enable Carlsberg Brewery in Fredericia, Denmark, to recycle 90% of all process water and halve its overall water usage. The brewery will be the most water efficient production plant in the Carlsberg Group.

Man working with a geoprobe. Mads Tonnes Meldhedegaard (MMEL)
30. Oct 2019

UV-light tells the tale of contamination on Søndre Harbour in Køge

A measuring probe drilled 11 meters into the ground gives a hitherto unseen precise image of contamination and residual chemicals in the ground. This is beneficial to Køge Kyst, as new attractive residences are scheduled to be built on that very ground.

arial view of Malé harbour in The Maldives
09. Oct 2019

New harbour project in The Maldives creates growth opportunities

The Maldivian government is planning to establish a new harbour nearby its capital, Malé. NIRAS has been appointed as the consultant on the project, which will replace the existing harbour and create opportunities for further growth in the area.

Windmills in the ocean
27. Sep 2019

NIRAS is consultant for two unprecedented wind farms

HOFOR, the water utility company of the greater Copenhagen area, is planning on building two new wind farms in the Øresund, so the the city of Copenhagen can fulfill its goal of becoming a CO2-neutral capital in 2025. NIRAS was chosen as consultant and is to assess the environmental impact of the wind farms.

aerial view of the exposed Hundborg rock
16. Aug 2019

A rock solid discovery in Hundborg, Denmark

Something big is hidden close to the small village of Hundborg, located in the Northern part of Denmark. In a field a little outside the village, which counts approximately 600 inhabitants, lies what might very well be Denmark’s sixth biggest rock weighing a whopping 170 tons.

Ph.d. student standing in front of whiteboard with technology cards.  Sidsel Katrine Ernstsen (SER)
09. Jul 2019

Playing cards inspire to digital development in the construction

The classic playing cards with car-cards got its counterpart in 22 Technology Cards. The new set of cards is developed by PhD student Katrine Ernstsen, and indicates how new technologies can affect and develop the construction area.

Woman in work wear standing in front of geoprobe
08. Jul 2019

Optical light discovers contaminated soil

NIRAS just completed a successful inspection of contamination in Kungsbacka in Sweden with a completely new technology that both exposes the contamination in the soil and saves the client for countless expensive soil sample analyses.

24. Jun 2019

Danes can now grow sustainable kitchen gardens at sea

Sea-kitchen gardens seem to be catching on everywhere along the Danish coasts. The project Havhøst propagates the idea of sea-based kitchen gardens, where private citizens or communities can grow mussels, oysters and seaweed, using sustainable methods.

Men in work wear at a construction site
20. Jun 2019

Reducing water losses in Malaysia

Danish water specialists will help Malaysia increase its security of water supply and reduce high water losses.

CEO Carsten Toft Boesen in front of Niras logo
23. Apr 2019

Top-level executive through 19 years turns 60

In his 19 years as CEO of NIRAS, Carsten Toft Boesen has seen the business grow from 509 to 2,355 employees. On Saturday 27 April 2019, he turns 60.

man in work wear in front of supply plant
26. Mar 2019

Major commercial partnership gives boost to Danish district heating

Backed by a grant of DKK 25 million from Innovation Fund Denmark, 16 players aim to revolutionise the district heating sector. NIRAS is heading up the project, which aims to extract valuable knowledge from the sector’s data.

man in work wear looking at wires in a tunnel with annual result 2018
21. Mar 2019

Growth and investments in internationalisation, sustainability and integration characterize NIRAS' accounts for 2018

In 2018, NIRAS achieved a 20 percent increase in profits and solid international growth. Continued significant focus on sustainable solutions is to contribute to future growth.

Two people standing in front of waterworks
24. Jan 2019

Business and academia team up to host water management summer school

In a joint effort with Aarhus University and other stakeholders, NIRAS will share knowledge about sustainable water management, waste water, and water distribution with international students and professionals.

Process plant
16. Jan 2019

NIRAS acquires SE Rådgivning

As of 1 February 2019, NIRAS bolsters its consultancy services within energy optimisation and reduction in the process industry by acquiring the activities and staff of SE Rådgivning.

Two men in NIRAS gear looking at a bridge built over water
19. Dec 2018

Competence and experience result in a major framework agreement on bridges in Norway

A newly signed framework agreement for the Norwegian Public Roads Administration, Region South, has strengthened NIRAS’ role as a significant player in the infrastructure market in Norway. The goal of becoming a recognized Scandinavian consultant for infrastructure has therefore moved closer.

Male workers at Copenhagen Airport
14. Dec 2018

Digital innovative thinking finds faults and saves time in the development of Copenhagen Airport

During the extensive expansion of Copenhagen Airport, a combination of 3D models and digital rules ensures compliance in relation to fire protection, electrical installations, drainage, heat and ventilation regulations. This reduced time spent fault finding, thereby freeing up resources to optimize the project.

SLUSH stage
13. Dec 2018

NIRAS programmes produce two winners at Slush

The Safe Motherhood Alliance and AgriPredict, both from Zambia, have been chosen as winners of the Slush Global Impact Accelerator.

Group of people standing near offshore windfarm
09. Nov 2018

NIRAS offers its services to make South Korea’s offshore wind goals come true

South Korea’s ambitious plan of being powered 20% by renewable energy sources by 2030 includes 13 GW of offshore wind. NIRAS’ expertise can benefit South Korea in its transition.

The Lake Maridalsvannet in Oslo seen from above
01. Nov 2018

Oslo water supply goes online to reduce high water loss

A new and state-of-the-art online model of Oslo’s water supply will help reduce a high level of leakage and resolve a serious water challenge, which is threatening the Norwegian capital’s future supply of drinking water.

CEO Carsten Toft Boesen sitting by a desk Anders Bjarklev, headmaster of DTU
31. Oct 2018

DTU and NIRAS enter into strategic cooperation agreement

DTU enters into a strategic partnership with consulting engineering company NIRAS which focuses on food and manufacturing engineering, infrastructure, and transport.

Person standing on balcony inside a brewery
29. Oct 2018

Improve your business while contributing to the sustainable development of the industry

Join NIRAS' Brewing Benchmark Club that was founded on our more than 35 years of experience as engineering consultants for the brewing industry. The free-of-charge benchmark initiative intends to provide you with a performance evaluation of the global beer and beverage industry every second year.

Children smiling at camera
25. Oct 2018

Report highlights NIRAS’s work contributing to the realisation of the SDGs

Together with five other consultancies, NIRAS is showcased in the Danish Association of Consulting Engineers’ recent communication, "Engineering a Better and Sustainable World".

Senior Vice President Carsten Heine Lund speaking for employees in NIRAS office in Taiwan
24. Oct 2018

Increased demands see NIRAS Taiwan move into a new office to accommodate an expanding team

As one of the first engineering and environmental consultancies applying itself to offshore wind development in Taiwan, NIRAS reiterates its commitment to help unleash the island’s wind potential with a stronger local presence.

Two men standing next to a man and woman who are shaking hands
10. Oct 2018

Building on core combined strengths – NIRAS Development Consulting and LTS merge

On the basis of mutual success, shared values, and a common vision of building a better, more equal and stable world, LTS International Ltd and NIRAS Development Consulting have merged.

Child eating
04. Oct 2018

Project kicks off to increase access to and awareness of nutritious food in Lao PDR

In the fight against stunting and wasting and their root cause – malnutrition – the newly launched four-year Nutrition-Sensitive Agriculture Programme will play a key role.

People visiting NIRAS' stand at BrauBeviale, Nuremberg.
02. Oct 2018

Be inspired by NIRAS’ highly experienced Beer and Beverage specialists at BrauBeviale 2018, Nuremberg

Come and visit NIRAS’ stand (Hall 7 7-650) at BrauBeviale between the November 13th and 15th 2018 and Let’s talk future brewery design, engineering and consultancy.

Tree in rain forest
17. Sep 2018

NIRAS-led consortium wins NRM technical assistance contract in Zimbabwe

Promoting sustainable and climate resilient management of natural resources, the NIRAS–HessenForst Consortium launches work in Zimbabwe.

Josina Machel receiving the World Prize
14. Sep 2018

Renowned humanitarian Mrs Graça Machel receives global accolade for humanitarian work

Encouraging everyone to dig deep and unleash the potential of the changemaker within, Josina Machel, daughter of celebrated Mozambican Graça Machel, accepted the NIRAS-sponsored World Prize for outstanding contributions in the field of integrated development.

Children sitting in class
11. Sep 2018

NIRAS advises how Finland can help address the global learning crisis

NIRAS Finland issues its MFA-commissioned report - Stepping up Finland's Global Role in Education - on possible ways in which Finnish resources and knowledge can be used to address challenges to education.

Three men from NIRAS sampling soil in snowy weather.
29. Aug 2018

Danish experience with soil pollution makes a difference in a growing Swedish market

NIRAS has for many years been working with soil contamination in Denmark. Now, we turn to Sweden, where the market for investigations and cleanup of soil pollution is on the rise.

Geoprobe soil sample equipment
27. Aug 2018

New analysis methods reveal un-explored PFAS-chemicals in the soil

Two new analysis methods has been developed to reveal un-explored PFAS-chemicals in the soil in a unique co-operation between NIRAS, Örebro University and the laboratory Eurofins.

Bane NOR train running on tracks.
02. Jul 2018

Strategy pays off: New, Norwegian railway contracts signed

With freshly signed contracts on two framework agreements and a large railway project, all for Bane NOR in Norway, NIRAS has become a significant player in the Norwegian infrastructure market. The goal of becoming a recognized Scandinavian consultant within the field of railways is therefore well on its way to becoming a reality.

Two women working at Marine Harvest's salmon processing factory
22. Jun 2018

Comprehensive extension of salmon processing factory in Norway

On June 12, Marine Harvest’s expansion of its salmon processing factory, Ryfisk, in Norway, was officially opened. NIRAS has designed the factory extension that has significantly increased production capacity of the factory.

Building facade of the Långbrodals school, Sweden
12. Jun 2018

NIRAS Architects wins the Stockholm Building of the Year 2018 award

The winner of the architectural competition Stockholm Building of the Year 2018 is the school of Långbrodal, designed by NIRAS Architects.

NIRAS employee in tunnel
04. Jun 2018

HOFOR starts large-scale tunnel projects in Copenhagen with NIRAS as consultant

Two new 'highways for rainwater' will be drilled in the Copenhagen underground. Denmark's largest utility company, HOFOR, has hired an international team of consultants with NIRAS in the lead to solve the complicated cloudburst projects.

Two men shake hands in the foreground while another man stands in the background.  Carsten Heine Lund (CHL)
24. May 2018

NIRAS continues growth strategy and expands with investment in Southeast Asia

Through investment in the Thai company SMC Consulting Engineers, NIRAS strengthens its presence within the Ports and Maritime sector in Southeast Asia. At the same time, the strategic partnership opens the door for other areas of expertise in NIRAS.

Building facade of the Långbrodal School
30. Apr 2018

The Långbrodal School nominated by the Stockholm Building of the Year award

The new school of Långbrodal has a modern design with sustainable materials chosen to withstand the test of time, while embracing the existing building’s style of national romanticism from 1915.

Portrait of Mrs Graca Machel
26. Apr 2018

Renowned Humanitarian Mrs Graça Machel Awarded World Prize for Integrated Development

Panel of respected international development experts select celebrated former First Lady to Mozambique and South Africa to receive NIRAS-sponsored accolade.

Group of people cheering
19. Apr 2018

Southern Africa Innovation Support Programme

In just ten months, the Southern Africa Innovation Support Programme has piloted collaboration between innovation hubs in Namibia and Botswana and boosted five young enterprises all the way to the global start-up event Slush in Finland.

Exhibition at museum
18. Apr 2018

NIRAS increases academic dialogue between Denmark and MENA-countries

NIRAS has successfully finalised project supporting academic cooperation and dialogue between Denmark and the Middle East and North Africa region.

People on rigid-hulled inflatable boats on water
04. Apr 2018

NIRAS to continue management of the Danish Peace and Stabilisation Response

When Danish experts go abroad to observe elections and handle crisis situations, NIRAS will watch over them and manage their stay.

Carsten Toft Boesen
04. Apr 2018

NIRAS presents excellent results following successful merger

Following a successful merger and several strategic acquisitions, NIRAS’ revenue has increased by 44 percent. The company has laid the foundation for further growth and increased earnings through long-term investments in developing new knowledge as well as helping customers realize the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

Group photo of people at a project closing event
20. Mar 2018

NIRAS completes project on protection of marine environment in Turkey

NIRAS Poland successfully completed 2-year project aimed at achieving Good Environmental Status in Turkey’s marine environment in alignment with the EU.

Simulation of a chicken abattoir
14. Mar 2018

Condense decision making and build common understanding with NIRAS suite of simulation tools

At Speakers Corner at the upcoming Anuga FoodTec 2018, you can experience how NIRAS’ suite of simulation tools allows you to mirror your existing or future design virtually.

Group photo of participants from the NIRAS Young Professional Academy 2017-2019
08. Mar 2018

NIRAS international trainee program accepting new applications

NIRAS Young Professional Academy will be further expanded this June with new participants representing both development consulting profiles and profiles representing other sectors of NIRAS.

A smiling woman and man shaking hands
07. Mar 2018

NIRAS is supporting Gender Responsive Budgeting in Ukraine

Celebrating the International Women’s Day, we are introducing one of our projects building more gender equal world.

Man looking through Virtual Reality glasses
02. Mar 2018

Be inspired by NIRAS' Food & Beverage experts at Anuga FoodTec 2018

Come and visit NIRAS’ stand at the Anuga FoodTec on March 20-23 2018 and let’s talk about optimising your business and increasing your profits. Or experience first-hand the new realities of 3D Virtual Reality Design in the Food and Beverage Industry.

Old industrial buildings on the Paper Island, Copenhagen
21. Feb 2018

Safeguarding the future of Paper Island

NIRAS is involved in efforts to maintain and develop the popular yet down-at-heel island. Work is already under way for NIRAS' consultants, both on land and in the water.

Irrigated fields near Yamuna River in India
30. Jan 2018

TAIEF shares EU environmental policy experience with partner countries

For four years TAIEF has supported 82 events around the world, assisting the EU in promoting Europe’s global leadership in environmental policy.

Men driving a tractor on plantation
23. Jan 2018

Study to help transition sugar firm employees to independent farmers

EU in cooperation with NIRAS determines the best operational model for transitioning redundant GUYSUCO employees into independent, sustainable farmers.

Female NIRAS employee inspecting a check-dam in Ethiopia with local farmers
17. Jan 2018

Multiple benefits reported from Tana Beles watershed project in Ethiopia

The project site for the Tana Beles watershed project in Ethiopia has become a regional role model, as the project has brought along with it multiple benefits for all community members including poor and rich, young and old, workers and unemployed, as well as disabled people.

A bird's eye view of the inside Uppsala Universitetshus
15. Jan 2018

NIRAS acquires Hydracon Sweden AB

NIRAS strengthens its position within project management and grows within the Stockholm Mälar region.

Hospital employee working in the stockroom
12. Jan 2018

Consulting engineers help Norwegian hospitals keep track of thousands of product numbers

Danish key competencies in goods logistics and distribution at hospitals now benefit the Norwegians.

Offshore wind turbines
05. Jan 2018

Simulating typhoons can lead to a less conservative design of offshore foundations

When investing in or developing offshore wind, de-risking is one of the main areas to focus on in order to avoid future failure due to wave and wind forces, without being overly conservative.

Three women posing with a gift box
21. Dec 2017

Job creation in Mali in the political spotlight

The future of Africa depends on job creation for a historically high number of young people in order to prevent migration to Europe.

Rosmalen office from outside
14. Dec 2017

NIRAS accelerates its growth ambitions with acquisition in the Netherlands

With the acquisition of the Dutch company VMEngineering, we have strengthened our process consultancy in Northern Europe considerably and consolidated our position as the leading advisor to the Food & Beverage industry.

The GRB conference panel sitting on stage
04. Dec 2017

NIRAS’ project on Gender Budgeting in Ukraine presented as best practice at the IMF Gender Equality conference

Since 2013, NIRAS has worked on a project to introduce gender budgeting with the aim to increase gender equality through policies and budgets in Ukraine. This project was presented by Country Director Catharina Schmitz at the Peer Learning Conference on Gender Equality in Kigali in order to share knowledge and inspire other African countries.

NIRAS car in basement parking
30. Nov 2017

Park your car in an underground bookshelf

In 2018 it will be possible to park your car in Denmark’s most innovative fully automatic underground car park within a stone’s throw from Copenhagen town hall square.

Camera man filming journalist and man talking
16. Nov 2017

New digital media house will strengthen independent journalism in Ukraine

The focus is on news broadcasting and independent journalism, when NIRAS, in cooperation with Deutsche Welle Academy and BBC Media Action, are preparing to establish a new, modern and digital media house for the Ukrainian public service television station UA:PBC.

Close-up of railroad
14. Nov 2017

Norwegian breakthrough: Start-up on technical master plan for stabling tracks in the Kongsvinger area

NIRAS won the first Norwegian assignment on the new framework agreement for railway consultancy, a master plan for stabling tracks in the Kongsvinger area for BaneNOR.

Wind turbine being restored
01. Nov 2017

French offshore wind turbine project: NIRAS adviser on future dismantling

Even before the first of 124 wind turbines off the west coast of France has been set up, a detailed plan has been set for how they will be taken down again at the end of the wind farm’s operation.

Group photo of some NIRAS employees with African stake-holders and government officials
12. Oct 2017

NIRAS moderates high-level side event at COP 23

Building MRV systems in Africa — how NIRAS is working with countries to develop technical capacity for implementation of the Paris Agreement.

Two male employees from Novafos and Leif Koch installing noise loggers
05. Sep 2017

They listen to the water pipes in Klampenborg

Two leaks were quickly found when a water distribution network north of Copenhagen had installed smart, new listening device. The utility company Novafos is part of the LEAKman partnership that combines knowledge and technology from nine market-leading players.

Parents and kids walking on a street near a school building
23. Aug 2017

NIRAS obtains architecture services from acquisition

The acquisition of Swedish Aperto Architects results in new services and strengthens NIRAS’ competences within contractor consulting services.

Two offshore production platforms for oil and gas development
17. Jul 2017

Sharing of good practices on marine planning and management is key to preserving our oceans

While overfishing and marine pollution are putting the world’s oceans at risk, new business opportunities are emerging in maritime industries. New report assists EU countries on sustainable use of our oceans by identifying good practices in the marine planning process.

12. Jul 2017

NIRAS stays in the Norwegian passing lane with substantial framework agreement

With three large framework agreements for the Norwegian railroad infrastructure authority, Bane NOR, NIRAS continues the upwards trajectory in the Norwegian market.

Boat sailing on a big river
22. Jun 2017

Protecting millions of lives in Myanmar from climate disasters through weather systems integration

The Ayeyarwady Integrated River Basin Management (AIRBM) Project, funded by the World Bank, seeks to improve the livelihoods of millions of poor people who are susceptible to water-related disasters in Myanmar. NIRAS is leading the way on integrating and modernizing the region’s complex meteorology and hydrology observation systems.

Industrial energy audit in Bolivia
31. May 2017

Affordable and sufficient energy to the people of Bolivia

Bolivia faces great challenges in providing sufficient energy at affordable prices to its population. IP Consult – Part of the NIRAS Group - will support the implementation of a new energy efficiency programme as well as foster training and education in the country.

Employees in an office in Taiwan
27. Apr 2017

NIRAS strengthens its presence in Taiwan

Taiwan is one of the world’s most promising countries in terms of offshore wind energy. NIRAS has opened a new office to facilitate access to a multi billion USD market undergoing rapid development.

Abandoned house in forest landscape
02. Mar 2017

Nepali government approves Biomass Energy Strategy (BEST)

Biomass energy is the most important source of energy in Nepal. While the country still possesses large biomass resources, the level of its use has been unsustainable.

Man and CEO Carsten Toft Boesen standing outside entrance
22. Dec 2016

ALECTIA and NIRAS are merging

The merger will create a new major player in the consulting engineering industry. With over 2,000 employees globally, the merged company is ready for continued growth – especially abroad.

Man smiling in white shirt.  Steven Schmidt (SKH)
24. Feb 2016

Shortcut to international experience

International cooperation is important to NIRAS. In the Young SEEN-program aspiring leaders from corporations of four different countries meet to discuss subjects such as networking and 3D-development. The program will finish up in Paris this summer, with Steven Kaa Holdgaard as one of the participants.

Trust in experts and strong team work leads to significant outcomes in achieving EU goal of “working better together”

Reflections from experts and EU officials on experiences, deliverables, and learnings from a project to support closer collaboration to implement the 2030 Agenda tell a story of a successful working relationship that not even a pandemic could derail.