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Your global partner in renewable energy solutions – building sustainable societies around the globe.

NIRAS has been playing an increasingly important role in the green transition. With our roots as Nordic engineering company, we have been providing advisory services for sustainable energy solutions since the 1980s.

The growing demand for energy intensifies the challenges such as international commitments to lower GHG emissions, set national renewable energy targets and ensuring stability of grids. At the same time, the cost of green energy technologies has decreased while innovations in smart grids, biofuels and energy storage technologies have eased the shift towards renewable energy sources.

Facing the various challenges that the renewable energy sector deals with nowadays, through its engineering and development consulting services, NIRAS offers compelling solutions.

Renewable energy technologies
Within the field of renewable energy technologies, we provide assistance throughout the project development phase including pre-feasibility studies, feasibility studies, environmental impact assessments and strategic environmental assessments, technical design, project management, procurement and supervision of construction sites.

NIRAS is a recognised international company with vast experience in renewable energy technologies such as:

  • Solar PV and solar thermal
  • On and offshore wind energy
  • Co-generation based on waste
  • Biomass or biogas
  • Hydrogen
  • Waste-to-energy
  • Biofuels through power-to-x, carbon capture and storage
  • Thermal energy storage
  • Heat pump systems

We thus contribute to increasing renewable energy’s share in the global energy mix.

Energy planning and design
NIRAS has gained strong experience in renewable energy planning and the adoption of sustainable solutions through the preparation of short-, medium- and long-term development plans at the local, regional and national level. We have also developed plans for renewable energy grid integration, smart grids, microgrids and distributed generation including advanced modelling and multifactor analysis.

Our expert teams have developed an extensive track record in the renewable energy sector ranging from design, engineering, project management to policy and regulatory framework development, as well as financial mechanisms and market development.

Mitigating greenhouse gas emissions
We help companies, utilities and municipalities realise sustainable climate and energy solutions in order to reduce GHG emissions. Our approach is to combine expert knowledge with the latest technologies and engage in close collaboration with clients and partners. As an example, we have developed advanced tools to calculate greenhouse gas emissions og carbon footprint at both company, municipality, sector and regional levels.

Furthermore, we can provide expert advice on CO2 compensation and offsetting on a basis of documented project experience.


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Niels Bahnsen

Niels Bahnsen

Project Director

Allerød, Denmark

Niels Bahnsen is MSc in Mechanical Engineering and Project Director in NIRAS. He has more than 35 years of project experience within renewable energy, conventional energy, environmental technology as well as energy efficiency and optimisation.


Michael Lassen Schmidt

Michael Lassen Schmidt

Senior Project Manager

Odense, Denmark

Michael Lassen Schmidt is a Mechanical Engineer and Head of Department in NIRAS. He has more than 30 years of industrial and energy management experience. Michael specializes in district heating, strategic energy planning and supply as well as green energy solutions.


Tim Norman

Tim Norman

UK Country Director

Cambridge, United Kingdom

Tim Norman is PhD in Environmental Management and UK Country Director of NIRAS. He has more than 20 years of experience as advisor to government and the private sector. For the past 10 years he has worked within the marine renewable energy industry planning many of the UK's offshore wind farms.