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Carbon Emissions Reduction and Climate Policies

We can help you to reduce your carbon footprint. For industrial and public customers, we can improve financial performance and reduce emissions at the same time. 

NIRAS offers expert consultancy on greenhouse gas emission reduction initiatives which can improve sustainability and the financial performance of companies, industries, municipalities and regions. In the initial phases, we will evaluate the current situation (accounting) and identify key areas where carbon reduction initiatives are an option. Our consultancy services cover the entire process – from the very start and until we have ensured that you have achieved your carbon target.  

Most companies can achieve CO2-neutrality – roughly outlined in four important steps: 

  1. Create an overview of the company’s emissions through voluntary climate accounting.
  2. Devise a long-term climate strategy.
  3. Develop plans for and implement reduction strategies.
  4. Compensate for those emissions that cannot be reduced, through efficient CO2-compensation projects.

CO2 reductions across operations

Once a climate account is completed its then possible to look at how to reduce an organisation’s emissions. Reducing emissions across an organisation’s operations is key to achieving CO2 neutrality, and it is a prerequisite for justifying compensation for the remaining emissions. There are many different aspects to consider. Some initiatives are ‘cheap’ CO2 reductions, and other reductions are considerably more expensive to achieve. The following are examples of some of the options available for reducing your organisation’s emissions:  

  1. Energy optimisation of company facilities
  2. Optimisation of production plants
  3. Producing your own sustainable energy – e.g. solar panels to make electricity
  4. A green procurement strategy
  5. Requiring sustainable transportation from suppliers

Before making any green investments, however, it is critical that you become familiar with your organisation’s “CO2 levers.” All companies are unique and initiatives that yield cost-efficient reductions for one company, might be less attractive for another. By adhering to this throughout the process, your company can create a goal-oriented and long-term reduction strategy – and commence effective initiatives.

CO2 compensation and offsetting

We also provide expert advice on CO2 compensation. NIRAS employs some of the most experienced consultants in this field who have a deep knowledge about how to conduct climate projects for CO2 compensation in compliance with international standards. We help our clients carry out CO2 offsetting, emissions trading, Carbon credits, afforestation and nature-based climate projects. NIRAS has vast experience in creating monitoring, reporting and verification systems in several sectors and countries.

  • Biogenic carbon removals and storage
  • Emissions trading and CO2 credits
  • Carbon projects, preparation, registration and documentation
  • Monitoring, Reporting and Verification (MRV) systems
  • Taxonomies

Carbon Capture

In collaboration with clients and partners, we develop new projects to implement Carbon Capture units at industrial facilities. With this technology, CO2 can be harvested from e.g. a plant and sent to a storage facility – for instance a depleted oil or gas field. NIRAS conducts technical and economic feasibility studies for Carbon Capture projects and can assist with the preparation and submission of applications for required permissions and funding from governmental institutions. We help pave the way for ambitions to kick-start a Carbon Capture Storage (CCS) value chain.

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