Atria builds €155 million state-of-the-art poultry production plant in Finland

Atria - one of the leading food companies in northern Europe - will build a new €155 million production facility in Finland. NIRAS has assisted in creating the masterplan for the project, and has also been involved in the process part of the conceptual design and digital simulation reviewing of the new plant.

Financing facility backs bankable projects improving access to clean drinking water and ­improved sanitation in ­Southern Africa

NIRAS is providing technical assistance to the SADC Water Fund, building its capacity to oversee complex water infrastructure projects across the region while building greater integration.

Virtual Reality and 3D models improve design at Cérélia food factory

NIRAS has delivered the detailed engineering design and carried out a complete 3D model based on PointCloud technology, as well as carrying out a complete Virtual Reality review of an annex to the facility for the multinational food company Cérélia.

Europe’s first specially designed recycling facility for ships and offshore structures has been established in a Danish harbour

When the enormous platforms from the North Sea arrived at Port of Frederikshavn last week, it wasn’t to end their days in a landfill. The platforms are going to EU’s most environmentally friendly and specially designed recycling facility, which has been established by the American company Modern American Recycling Services (M.A.R.S), with Danish advisor NIRAS as partner.

Burkina Faso private sector development programme increases productivity and added value of agricultural incomes

Agri-Business Fund enables businesses to scale up and create more jobs though training, advice and increased to financial credit.

rain over city with various colours

Guiding the building sector towards absolute sustainability

The building sector across the globe has a huge potential for reducing its environmental impact. A PhD project aims to provide the sector with tools to help improve the use of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Innoncent factory seen from above

New carbon-neutral drinks factory in Rotterdam for leading juice brand innocent

The NIRAS owned company Integrated Food Projects has laid the foundations for a new $250 million carbon-neutral drinks factory in Rotterdam for leading juice and smoothie company innocent.

Building facade

Carlsberg’s new head office in Denmark presents sustainable solutions

The construction encompasses multiple green solutions, such as bamboo floors and facades made of recycled copper. Solar panels on the roof reduce energy consumption, and green rooftops contribute to collect rainwater, which is led into the lake in Carl Jacobsen’s garden. NIRAS has consulted on all engineering disciplines.

outside company building and parking lot

One of the world's most technologically advanced poultry-processing plants

Maple Leaf Foods has involved NIRAS in the overall planning of its new 660 mill CAD$ state of the art poultry processing plant in Ontario. NIRAS has facilitated the master planning and design to tender phase as subject matter expert and project facilitator.

Man holding water sample

Red rubies on a green agenda

The mining company Greenland Ruby extracts rubies and sapphires in Southwestern Greenland under thorough environmental monitoring. NIRAS is facilitating a statutory environmental monitoring programme, which in combination with other initiatives will ensure sustainability, social responsibility, and Greenland’s stunning nature.

Women standing around waterhole

From market gardens to fish farms, assessing a project’s impact on the lives of people along the inner delta of the Niger River

Following a long history of cooperation, NIRAS continues to support Sweden in its work to promote the sustainable management of natural resources in Mali.

Roundabout in front of building

From lifting pallets to lifting the green agenda

The Danish pallet lifter manufacturer Ole Almeborg A/S is approaching its green agenda in a consistent and efficient way. NIRAS has assisted the company in producing an audit and identifying six areas of intervention.

Truck driving near small river

Modernising Cambodia’s hydraulic and irrigation systems and practices

The four-year WAT4CAM project is helping to upgrade outdated infrastructure and taking the opportunity to support innovative, climate-friendly farming.

Four pigs

Masterplanning of a modern meat production facility in South Korea

NIRAS has produced the masterplan for NH Pukyung Pig Farmers’ new production plant in South Korea. The masterplan secures that the new facilities can meet future demands with the highest possible level of hygienic layouts and quality of the products.

people standing in an unfinished house

Bringing renewable energy-­powered electricity to a Liberian coastal community

A team of experts investigated the feasibility of establishing a small, EU-funded hydropower plant in Sinoe Rapids, an hour or so inland from Greenville City.