Enhancing Kenyan SMEs’ innovation and productivity to spur inclusive growth

Together with the World Bank, the Kenyan Government has initiated a project to strengthen Kenya’s economy through the support and funding of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), where NIRAS will support increased productivity and innovation in these Kenyan SMEs.

Review of the European Union’s cooperation with SADC from 2013-19

NIRAS delivers independent assessment of EU past and current cooperation with SADC, setting out key learnings for future programming.

Builiding seen from above

NIRAS helps Carlsberg to halve its water usage at brewery in Fredericia

NIRAS is an integral part of a water saving project that will enable Carlsberg Brewery in Fredericia, Denmark, to recycle 90% of all process water and halve its overall water usage. The brewery will be the most water efficient production plant in the Carlsberg Group, aslo making it one of the most water efficient breweries in the world.

Training for civil society organisations aims to enhance operational skills and improve performance

NIRAS contributes to the Civil Society in Uganda Support Programme (CUSP) with the development and implementation of innovative and interactive trainings for Ugandan civil society organisations.

Supporting migrants, refugees, and host communities in the Horn of Africa

NIRAS supports the Regional Migration Fund to create economic opportunities, improve living conditions, and promote social cohesion among the high number of displaced people in the region, as well as locals affected by their arrival.

Building facade of Axel Towers in Copenhagen seen from a worm's eye view

Complex geometry behind spectacular towers in Copenhagen

Copenhagen's new prestigious buildings, the Axel Towers, was a huge technical mouthful demanding unique solutions.

3d illustration of Thise dairy company complex

Thise Dairy saves time, money and CO2 emissions with a new high-bay warehouse

For years, lorries have been driving packing materials back and forth between Thise Dairy’s remote warehouses and the production site. But that ends now: A new high-bay warehouse at the dairy’s headquarters will provide plenty of space for the packing needs of the dairy and pave the way for many years of increased production of Thise’s renowned products.

Ensuring peaceful and inclusive societies globally through a two-year framework contract

As part of the Policy Framework for Swedish Development Cooperation and Humanitarian Aid, together with Ecorys and PRIO, NIRAS has been contracted to implement Sida’s Framework Agreement on Peace and Human Security running from 2020–2022.

Environmental and social impact assessment on La Gan offshore wind farm in Vietnam

NIRAS has been awarded a multimillion USD contract to conduct an international standard Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) for the 3.5GW La Gan offshore wind farm in the Binh Thuan province of Vietnam.

Financing facility backs bankable projects improving access to clean drinking water and ­improved sanitation in ­Southern Africa

NIRAS is providing technical assistance to the SADC Water Fund, building its capacity to oversee complex water infrastructure projects across the region while building greater integration.

Virtual Reality and 3D models improve design at Cérélia food factory

NIRAS has delivered the detailed engineering design and carried out a complete 3D model based on PointCloud technology, as well as carrying out a complete Virtual Reality review of an annex to the facility for the multinational food company Cérélia.

Europe’s first specially designed recycling facility for ships and offshore structures has been established in a Danish harbour

When the enormous platforms from the North Sea arrived at Port of Frederikshavn last week, it wasn’t to end their days in a landfill. The platforms are going to EU’s most environmentally friendly and specially designed recycling facility, which has been established by the American company Modern American Recycling Services (M.A.R.S), with Danish advisor NIRAS as partner.

Burkina Faso private sector development programme increases productivity and added value of agricultural incomes

Agri-Business Fund enables businesses to scale up and create more jobs though training, advice and increased to financial credit.

rain over city with various colours

Guiding the building sector towards absolute sustainability

The building sector across the globe has a huge potential for reducing its environmental impact. A PhD project aims to provide the sector with tools to help improve the use of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Innoncent factory seen from above

New carbon-neutral drinks factory in Rotterdam for leading juice brand innocent

The NIRAS owned company Integrated Food Projects has laid the foundations for a new $250 million carbon-neutral drinks factory in Rotterdam for leading juice and smoothie company innocent.