Masterplanning of a modern meat production facility in South Korea

NIRAS has produced the masterplan for NH Pukyung Pig Farmers’ new production plant in South Korea. The masterplan secures that the new facilities can meet future demands with the highest possible level of hygienic layouts and quality of the products.

Lely Orbiter: A unique concept for small-scale dairy production

Together with the Dutch company Lely, NIRAS in the Netherlands has developed the “Lely Orbiter” which makes it possible to produce, process and bottle milk directly at the dairy farm.

visualization of the new Lalandia

The new Lalandia melts into the landscape in Søndervig

A new large Lalandia holiday centre will during the next few years arise in Søndervig by Ringkøbing, Denmark. The project utilises many of NIRAS’ specialists and offers exciting solutions in regards to both functionality and aesthetics.

water pumping station test model

Advanced model tests pumps for cloudburst tunnel

A tunnel shaft with appertaining pumps will be tested with a specially designed model. The solutions are part of a major cloudburst project in Copenhagen.

Pommes Frittes

New packaging line for Farm Frites

NIRAS has assisted leading Dutch producer of processed potato fries, Farm Frites, in the construction of a new packaging line. The new line will augment packaging capacity by 60 percent.

Lego campus building

Amazing LEGO Campus in Billund

In Billund employees have moved into the new LEGO Campus’ first leg of the in total 55,000 square meter building, which in the future will house many of the company’s employees in Denmark.

inside a datacenter

A new large datacenter will see the light of day in Denmark in 2020

NIRAS is part of the team that will construct a new large datacenter for a confidential client in Southern Denmark. The first leg of the datacenter will be complete and ready for use during 2020.

flower farm in kenya

Oserian Two Lakes: Sustainability where it matters the most

A flower farm in Kenya invests heavily in sustainability to coexist with unique nature and wildlife. NIRAS helps masterplanning the sustainable transformation.

inside a building

Finansparken Bjergsted – One of the Europe’s largest commercial buildings built in the wood

NIRAS has participated in the construction and engineering solutions for Europe’s largest commercial building constructed in wood, Finansparken in Stavanger in Norway.

sdg measure on computer

Achieve sustainable buildings with SDG Measure

How do you build sustainably? With SDG Measure, we help you move from good intentions to specific solutions.

Employee sitting by his desk.  Jesper Kailow Hejselbæk (JKHE)

NBBC: Global benchmarking of the Beer & Beverage industry

NIRAS offers the most extensive benchmarking service of the global beer and beverage industry, which permits the members to freely explore data and make comparisons across regions and plant sizes. The tool is based on more than 35 years of experience and has a strong focus on flexibility and sustainability.

visualization of väsjö project

Väsjö - a new town north of Stockholm

Väsjo is a new town development north of Stockholm with 4,400 residences for 10,000 people. NIRAS is responsible for designing all water, sewage and stormwater mains, which implies making 3D design of 15 kilometres of pipes.

Bill Dobson in front of gate to Brains Brewery

Brains Brewery prepares for the future with new production plant in Cardiff

Brains Brewery in Cardiff needed to build a completely new production facility to meet the demands of increasing flexibility and versatility of the modern beer market. The brewery contacted NIRAS whose experts were involved in all facets of designing, planning and installing the brand new Dragon Brewery.

aerial view of a construction site

Carlsberg’s Braveheart: Moving historical Holsten brewery in Hamburg to new plant

NIRAS played a key role in moving Carlsberg’s historical Holsten brewery from central Hamburg to the new Braveheart brewing plant. Carlsberg’s Braveheart brewery was officially opened on 4th November.

rails in front of building block

Rainwater, urban open spaces and basketball combined on old railway

The old railway area in Aalborg has now become a multifunctional landscape with apartments, shops and urban open spaces. Playing fields operate as stormwater tanks during heavy rain.

Lactosayn tower

Cheese powder for the world: Danish company Lactosan expands production with new spray drying tower

Danish powdered cheese is in rising demand all over the world with especially consumers in China and Japan developing a taste for cheese during recent years. To meet demands, Lactosan has built a new spray drying tower with the assistance of NIRAS’ industrial architects and process engineers.

ARC waste incinerator

Waste water has a huge energy potential

The sewage treatment plants in Denmark are gradually changing their energy position going from pure electricity consumers to being actual producers of green energy.

Solar panels on field up close

Great potential in new solar technology

The Dronninglund district heating company in Denmark has created one of the world’s largest solar heating systems.

Heat pump at a wastewater treatment plant in Kalundborg, Denmark

Waste water turned into district heating

With an innovative heat pump solution, Kalundborg Utility utilises waste water from a sewage treatment plant to produce district heating.

radisson hotel from outside

Radisson Blu Scandinavia Hotel will be one of Denmark's largest

NIRAS is responsible for all engineering disciplines when Radisson Blu at Amager, Denmark, expands with 434 hotel apartments in a square, nine-story expansion with a green courtyard.

three bales of straw standing on the field

Broad stakeholder involvement in district heating masterplan for Lolland municipality

NIRAS has prepared a master heating plan for the municipality of Lolland, which is located on an island in the southern part of Denmark. By involving the district heating utilities in the municipality, the basis for the master heating plan that describes the energy situation up to 2020 was formed.

Lille Langebro with people riding bikes

Beautiful bicycle bridge connects historic Copenhagen

A new bridge for bicyclists and pedestrians brings the historical parts of Copenhagen closer together. NIRAS has designed the beautiful bridge, called Lille Langebro, which will have up to 10,500 users daily.

establishment of a service pipe

How recycling of district heating became competitive

An Elforsk project proved that heat pumps using re-circulated water as heating source can optimize and improve the efficiency of the energy utilization in the district heating system. Heat pumps can be a competitive alternative to traditional district heating and geothermal energy systems.

3d illustration of Thise dairy company complex

Dairy saves time, money and CO2 emissions with a new high-bay warehouse

For years, lorries have been driving packing materials back and forth between Thise Dairy’s remote warehouses and the production site. But that ends now: A new high-bay warehouse at the dairy’s headquarters will provide plenty of space for the packing needs of the dairy and pave the way for many years of increased production of Thise’s renowned products.

circular construction creating a park outside a building

How to integrate SDGs when developing Climate Change Adaptation projects?

New guideline demonstrates how the SDGs can be integrated across projects.

Two men standing outside

Energy efficient cookstoves in Laos assist Copenhagen Airport in becoming CO2-neutral

The implementation of Copenhagen Airport’s climate strategy is well underway as the airport has already achieved CO2 neutrality in 2019. NIRAS consultants have been actively involved in this process.

energy storage system

600-degree hot stones are used to store green energy

A test model of a new type of energy storage has a large potential for storing wind and solar energy.

Road in Norway

E16 paves the way for skiers

The Norwegian highway E16 is planned to be expanded to a so-called 2+1 motorway/expressway for safer transport from Oslo to the ski resort Geilo and other sites.

Two women working at Marine Harvest's salmon processing factory

Major expansion of salmon processing plant in Norway boosts production capacity

An expansion and reconstruction of Marine Harvest's salmon processing plant, Ryfisk, in Norway has significantly increased the production capacity of the plant.

Fisherman pulling a fishing net in water

NIRAS supports climate change adaption in Mozambique

Mozambique is among the ten countries most vulnerable to climate change. NIRAS helped Mozambique prepare for climate change through a variety of adaption strategies.

Coastal erosion along coastline

Reducing Gambia’s vulnerability to sea level rise and associated impacts of climate change

A wide-ranging coastal protecting programme necessitated by the mounting risk of damage to human and economic activities in the coastal areas of Gambia.

The Port of Mombasa

A new berth hand in hand with upgrades increase cargo traffic at African port

A much needed upgrade of the infrastructure in the port of Mombasa has expanded the vital port with a new berth and upgrades on existing berths allowing access for bigger ships.

Port in Liberia

Large strain on the four Liberian ports demanded a National Port Master Plan

Completion of Master Plan for the national ports development in Liberia in order to ensure national development and anticipated growth

The Port of Colombo, Sri Lanka, seen from above

Achieving the most competitive and preferred ports and shipping destination in the region

For the island nation Sri Lanka, maritime transport is essential. It is a leading transport model for international trade and accounts for a huge amount of Sri Lanka’s international logistics costs.

Container terminal at the port of Lomé, Togo

Development of the first modern container transhipment hub in West and Central Africa

A modernisation of the only port on the West African coast with natural deep water, Lomé, creates a gateway to landlocked countries; a container terminal operating to the highest international standards.

Two men sitting at desk looking towards what another man are pointing at

A different approach to skills development

To address a shortage of skilled workers in Ghana, Danida launched a demand-based skills development project, which has proven to be so successful that other African countries want to follow its example.

The National Assembly of Mali

Strengthening a Democracy from Its Foundation

The Malian crisis in 2012 revealed deep and dangerous rifts in the fabric of its democracy, resulting in civil unrest and a coup d’etat. With support from DANIDA, Mali is rebuilding its government and addressing the old fractures in order to build a stronger democracy for the future.

Group of women sitting with notepads

Stronger through Partnership: Building a Bioscience Knowledge Economy in Southern Africa

SANBio is a Southern African network designed to stimulate the growth of a bioscience knowledge economy between 13 countries. The resulting networking and partnership activities could one day lead to the discovery of scientific solutions to some of Africa’s most enduring problems.

Women sitting and listening

Focusing on market-driven value chains to improve farming livelihoods in Tajikistan

A World Bank loan and technical assistance from NIRAS are helping to commercialise the agricultural sector in Tajikistan and improve stakeholders’ livelihoods by increasing the quality of Tajik products in selected value chains and making them more marketable to buyers.

Two African women bagging vegetables by a stall

Business training and market access help increase pay-offs in Ethiopian agricultural value chains

Over 300,000 Ethiopian farmers and their household members, agricultural cooperatives, associations, and other stakeholders in the agriculture industry are benefitting from AgroBIG Phase II. The programme supports agricultural value chain actors in various ways, increasing business skills and market links to improve their livelihoods.

Indonesian elders sitting on the floor against a wall

Setting boundaries for a brighter future

In Indonesia, there is a growing problem where village boundaries are breaking down due to the lack of an accurate transfer of information. This issue causes challenges to service delivery and sustainable development. To help solve this problem, NIRAS and local partner SEKALA were tasked with mapping 82 village boundaries in Riau Province in only 42 weeks.

EEP banners

Improving access to sustainable energy while mitigating global climate change in the Mekong Region

The Energy and Environment Partnership (EEP) in Mekong was launched in an effort to enhance the development of renewable energy and energy efficiency solutions in the Greater Mekong Subregion as viable alternatives fossil fuel-driven power plants. Using lessons from Phase I of EEP Mekong, in Phase II NIRAS adjusted the programme’s focus and methods to gain a more efficient use of project resources in Cambodia, Lao PDR, Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam.

Adults and children sitting on blanket on the ground

EU Establishing a Help Desk to implement the use of the human rights-Based approach in development cooperation

The EU is shifting its focus in development cooperation to ensure the integration of human rights into every phase of its projects. The Directorate-General for International Cooperation and Development (DG DEVCO) is implementing a human rights-based approach in all future EU development cooperation, with NIRAS offering technical assistance.

People standing outside the Justice Palace in Mozambique

Building Palaces for Justice in Mozambique

The lack of infrastructure dedicated to practicing the laws of Mozambique has made it almost impossible for an average Mozambican to access the formal judiciary. By providing technical assistance to the building of two palaces of justice, NIRAS helped to bring the court closer to the people of the Guro and Nampula districts.

Portrait of an African woman

Chicken, tea and maize create jobs in rural Mali, helping reduce emigration

NIRAS is helping to create agriculture sector jobs in the West African country of Mali. This creates opportunities for young people in particular, enabling them to avoid the tough decision of leaving their rural homes in search of employment elsewhere.

Cows with ear marks standing in cattle cages

Sowing Seeds to Help Georgia’s Agriculture Industry Grow

The joint Danish-Swiss Regional Economic Development programme was launched in southern Georgia in 2012. The five years that followed saw the development of infrastructure and the strengthening of value chains, and now stakeholders in the agriculture industry are picking the fruits of their efforts.

Three EU flags

NIRAS’ experts support the European Commission in its work on gender equality and women’s empowerment

The Gender Advisory Service is a support desk managed by NIRAS that assists the European Commission in successfully implementing its framework for promoting gender equality in its partner countries: The Gender Action Plan.

New production facility to the Seoul Dairy Cooperation

Masterplanning and unique knowledge of hygiene reforms existing large-scale production line into state-of-the-art production factory

A new masterplan will ensure that the production capacity of Seoul Dairy Cooperative will be prepared for future demands with the highest possible quality level of all products.

Woman collecting water sample

Knowledge and business experience drives research project on environmental pollutants

NIRAS is part of a comprehensive research project, aimed at developing and implementing effective risk assessments and evaluations of remediation measures for environmental pollutants. Based on knowledge and its customer portfolio, NIRAS can test the methods directly against the market.

Female worker collecting water sample

NIRAS’ sampling in Lake Mälaren reveals cutting-edge results

Unique water and sediment samples from Lake Mälaren show that the environmental hazardous and previous un-explored variants PFAS substances. The unique samplings, which contain previous un-explored variants of PFAS are on a historical high level.

Offshore wind farm

EIA investigations optimised Denmark’s largest offshore wind turbine park

Four years of thorough environmental investigations and assessments ensure that Kriegers Flak offshore wind turbine park can be constructed with the fewest possible impacts on the environment.


Plant in Africa doubles its production capacity with upgrade

A global drinks producer in Africa expects increased growth in the market. In order to meet future demands, NIRAS has helped the customer to carry out a plant upgrade that doubled production capacity.

Oil tankers berthed at Sullom Voe Oil Terminal

The maintenance of Sullom Voe Oil Terminal’s marine infrastructure requires ongoing structural assessment

NIRAS has a local site office to provide year round technical assistance and contract management for critical maintenance and life extension works at the jetties.

Construction work on the Södertälje canal

New lock in Södertälje for increased capacity

The Mälar Project will increase capacity and improve safety along the fairway through the Södertälje Canal and lock, as well as the fairway to Lake Mälaren in Sweden. The project also includes a new bascule bridge and new walking and cycling paths along the canal.

The oil terminal at Vasiliko, Cyprus

A new energy hub facility in the Eastern Mediterranean opens up a range of advantages for traders

In November 2014 a new oil product terminal in Vasiliko, Cyprus, opened for business. Thanks to the strategic location it is the first terminal of its kind in the Eastern Mediterranean, connecting Europe and the Black Sea with markets in the Middle East and Asia.

The new university hospital seen from the air

Deeply involved in Denmark’s largest hospital construction

Aarhus University Hospital matches the size of a smaller provincial town. NIRAS is deeply involved in more parts of the gigantic project.

Masterplan from old industrial laundry to new state of the art brewery

Craft Brewer expands into new premises

NIRAS helped successful craft brewery to masterplan, project manage the front end engineering design and prepare the tenders for a new site.

3D visualisation of central Aarhus, Denmark, seen from above

Detailed 3D city model provides overview of more than 176,000 buildings

Aarhus Municipality has an ambitious goal of finding new ways using 3D data in the planning and dialogue with the citizens. NIRAS has contributed with a digital 3D city model of the entire municipality, which shall transform ambitions into reality.

Wooden kindergarten building with grass roofing

New kindergarten constructed in wood focuses on sustainability and activities

At Østerbro in Copenhagen, a new large outlying kindergarten constructed in wood and providing space for play in a sustainable environment has opened.

Inside scene of Koncerthuset Denmark

DR's concert hall - a floating meteor

The preparation of drawings for workshops and craftsmen approached the limit for what is technically possible, and more than 400,000 equations were applied to solve the task.

Building facade of Axel Towers in Copenhagen seen from a worm's eye view

Complex geometry behind spectacular towers in Copenhagen

Copenhagen's new prestigious buildings, the Axel Towers, was a huge technical mouthful demanding unique solutions.

Girl jumping on wet rocks in a park

The stage in the park of Lindevang is also a rainwater reservoir

The residents at the park Lindevang in Frederiksberg have been given an open urban space that protects against floods, and at the same time gives schoolchildren an outdoor room for math, physics and biology activities.

Water work at night with the lights on

Top modern waterworks sets new standards

Working environment, clarity and drinking water safety are in focus at Esbjerg Waterworks. NIRAS was involved throughout the entire construction process of this top modern treatment plant.

Excavator dropping water on permeable LAR road

Denmark's longest climate road is established in Aalborg

A revolutionary road type with "perforated" asphalt absorbs rain from cloudbursts and saves Aalborg huge investments in new larger sewers and water collection systems.

Tank seen from below

Un-manned de-icing airport facility ensures stable flight traffic

Thanks to a clever design of the de-icing facilities, one of UK’s busy airports have saved approximately 7% on the de-icing costs per day during the de-icing season.

Paddy field in Vietnam

Tools make it easier for developing countries to prepare climate accounts

With the help of the ’Information Matters’ programme, Georgia, Colombia and Vietnam hope to improve their climate reporting to the UN.

Woman getting off an oil tanker

Tailored courses reduces the risk of oil spills in Greenland

Employees at the Greenlandic company Polaroil learn how to intervene correct in the event of an oil spill. Tailored courses reduce the risk of polluting the pristine environment.

aerial view of vimmerby

Industry-specific knowledge ensured the establishment of an efficient factory

NIRAS helped Arla Foods establishing the most modern milk powder factory in Northern Europe.

Cow sick with lumpy skin disease

Technical assistance to the Animal Health Department and the Food and Veterinary Laboratory, Kosovo

Farm animals in Kosovo have been plagued by infectious diseases for decades. The diseases hurt rural economies, and some are able to transfer to humans. To help curb them, NIRAS provided expertise and support to local authorities in their quest to protect the country's animals.

NIRAS employees discussing a construction drawing

Effective expansion at a South African brewery

Production does not stand still for a second when NIRAS consults on a new brewery in South Africa.

Dragor River in Bitola

Wastewater treatment in Macedonia

NIRAS and its consortium partners conducted studies to jumpstart improvements to wastewater infrastructure and living conditions in three municipalities of Macedonia. These measures were funded as part of the EU’s push to support improvements to the environmental sector.

Somalilander digging for water in a wadi

Water resources management and investment plan for Somaliland

A lack of sustainable water sources makes Somaliland vulnerable to droughts such as the one that has devastated much of the region in 2016-2017. An international team, assembled and led by NIRAS, has been contracted to map out Somaliland’s best options for developing large-scale reliable water sources and water mobilization infrastructure.

Three African people standing by a tree

Legal Services Facility (LSF) in Tanzania

Five years of funds management and support to NGOs providing legal aid in Tanzania has paid off. The country now boasts nationwide access to trained paralegals and greater awareness about the importance of securing legal rights for vulnerable groups in society.

Boat sailing in front of wind mills

Competitive wind energy

Two new wind farms – Borssele 3 and 4 – are to be built in the North Sea off the Dutch coast. Steel can be saved by using the latest knowledge about offshore technology.

The foundation of a wind turbine

Offshore wind turbines must withstand typhoons and earthquakes in Taiwan

Many new offshore wind farms are soon to be constructed in Taiwan and at these latitudes the turbine foundations must be able to withstand severe earthquakes and yearly typhoons.

Windmills in sunset at open water

Taiwan focuses on offshore wind turbines

The first offshore wind farm in Asia will be constructed in the Taiwan Strait, and within a few years do its bit toward supplying the island state with green energy.

Cars driving on a road between mountains

A broad perspective is the key

Establishing the best possible agreement between client and contractor all comes down to the detail of the proposal. The framework of the Riksveg 4 extension in Norway is being set.

Train in motion on rails

Noise mapping provides options for new bridge

The Danish Road Directorate and the Danish State Railway have reached a great level of flexibility and an excellent dialogue based on noise mapping from the new Storstrømsbro.

Building facade of the Copenhagen International School, Denmark

A new international school in Copenhagen’s Nordhavn district

Copenhagen’s largest school has moved to its own peninsula in Nordhavn with a façade made up of solar panels.

Man walking between tanks

Experience and knowledge of the industry ensured an easy relocation of the historical brewery

A competitive tender and a structured approach meant that a complicated relocation of a brewery in city was achieved on schedule and on budget.

Three stations with connected pipes

Dynamic Masterplan provides future scenarios for Southeast Asian customer

NIRAS is responsible for the development of a dynamic master plan for industry enterprises. The model was used successfully to create future scenarios for the largest brewery in a Southeast Asian country.

Wooden stand with vegetables

Agriculture Sector Development Support Programme in Kenya

ASDSP project aims to increase the agricultural sector’s contribution to the national economy and to improve livelihood in rural areas in Kenya.

View over city with large lake and blooming flowers

Gender Responsive Budgeting in Ukraine

NIRAS helps to introduce Gender Responsive Budgeting (GRB) processes at national and regional levels in Ukraine.

People in fine clothes standing in office

Technical Assistance to Support Vocational Education and Training (VET) in Azerbaijan

NIRAS supports the Ministry of Education in the implementation of Vocational Education and Training (VET) program in Azerbaijan.

Vietnamese women sitting on bench behind banner

Actions to Accelerate Success in Private Sector Innovation for Export Markets

New, innovative growth companies focused on export markets comprise one of the target groups of the Innovation and Partnership Programme (IPP) in Vietnam.

Niras employee and Uganda coffee farmer picks coffee beans

Prosperity smells like fresh coffee

Ugandan coffee farmers will earn more money when NIRAS helps farming families to produce high-quality coffee for export. Consequently, coffee farmers are trained to combat climate change that threatens coffee production in the area.

Asian people looking at corn

Agro-biodiversity in Laos

Managed by NIRAS, The Agro-Biodiversity Initiative (TABI) in northern Laos has improved rural livelihoods alongside preserving the biodiversity of natural resources for sustainable growth. TABI’s landscape planning methods are participatory in nature, meaning they give responsibility and ownership to local communities to ensure biodiversity-rich practices continue in the long run.

Old woman and man greeting each other

Approximately 160 civilian experts deployed each year by Denmark to support stabilisation and capacity-building efforts in fragile states around the world

The Peace and Stabilisation Response (PSR) is an emergency roster managed by NIRAS under the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) that can be used to deploy civilian experts to hotspots where stabilisation, peacekeeping and democracy-building efforts are needed.

People sitting around an oval table

Youth Skills Development and Public Private Partnership

E2E created a network of local partners that act as bridge-builders between the youth, companies and training providers.

African men farming a field

Unleashing the potential for economic growth in rural Tanzania

LIC project invests in agriculture and facilitates Public Private Dialogue in order to improve business environment for small companies.

African people looking on map on savannah

Responsible land management improves livelihoods and tenure security for rural communities in Ethiopia

NIRAS has assisted the Ethiopian government with developing methods for rural land registration through “The Responsible and Innovative Land Administration in Ethiopia project” (REILA). The project has resulted in efficient and gender equal land registration, and its methods have been officially adopted by the Ethiopian government as the formal procedure for registering rural land throughout the entire country.

Solar panels on a field

Affordable and sufficient energy to the people of Bolivia

Bolivia faces great challenges in providing sufficient energy at affordable prices to its population. IP Consult – part of the NIRAS Group- supports the implementation of a new energy efficiency programme and foster training and education in the country.

Lake in savannah landscape

Plan for the water use of Shire River in Malawi

The basin development project assists the Government of Malawi in developing an integrated multi-sectoral Shire River Basin Plan based on extensive analytical and stakeholder inputs.

Boat sailing in a river

Protecting millions of lives in Myanmar from climate disasters through massive hydromet systems integration

The Ayeyarwady Integrated River Basin Management (AIRBM) Project, initiated by the World Bank, seeks to improve the livelihoods of millions of poor people who are susceptible to water-related disasters in Myanmar. NIRAS is leading the way on integrating and modernizing the region’s complex hydrometeorology systems.

African woman standing on scene

Funds for Information Society development

Innovation Fund supports emerging entrepreneurs and stimulate the development of innovative technology products and services in Tanzania.

A herd of cows and camels

More than 250 EU Framework Contracts completed by NIRAS in over 100 countries

Since 2000 NIRAS has managed EU Framework Contracts, implementing more than 250 short-term assignments worth more than €28 million in over 100 countries. These projects, which span many sectors, seek to reduce poverty, ensure sustainable development, and promote democracy, peace and security.

Children playing chess on blue table

Top quality evaluations for Sida

NIRAS manages and undertakes evaluations and provision of evaluation related services for Sida.

Africans gathered in a circle

Working in a conflict zone – How to secure water and food in South Sudan

Water resource management project in war-torn South Sudan is a good example of NIRAS’ capacity to work successfully even under challenging and rapidly changing conditions.

four tanks for beer

Analyses of assets reduced risk when purchasing breweries

The acquisition of breweries requires analysis of the brewery's condition and the anticipated need for investment. NIRAS assisted on a extensive project in Asia.

Man working on a visualization on his computer screen

State-of-the art cold store built with production still running

In the midst of operations and subject to the strictest health and safety requirements, NIRAS built a highly efficient cold store for a busy pharmaceutical company.

Papers and lines connected on a floor indoor

Hospital Logistics: Central warehouse for hospitals will free money and staff in Region Zealand

Hospital Logistics analysis from NIRAS revealed that the establishment of a new central warehouse for the hospitals of Region Zealand in Denmark would be extremely beneficial for both the patients and the region itself.


Pharmaceutical factory got complete cooling system in a third of the time

Despite an extremely tight schedule, NIRAS succeeded in delivering a solid, state-of-the-art cooling system for a pharmaceutical factory. The system is a modular construction.

People working with white working clothing on

Extensive experience ensured the successful expansion of a factory in Poland

Poland is the location of one of the world’s largest salmon processing factories. NIRAS played a key role in the 10,000-square-metre expansion of the factory.

Visualisation of a meat processing plant

Master plan for a new future-proof meat processing plant

NIRAS assisted the largest food producer in Ecuador, PRONACA, establishing a meat processing plant according to European standards.

Large building seen from the air

Historical investment in slaughterhouse lifted the Danish cattle industry

When Danish Crown decided to establish a new high-tech cattle slaughterhouse in Holsted, Denmark, it was by far the largest single investment in the Danish cattle industry ever.

Inside of art museum Kunsten with two men talking

Restoration of ‘Kunsten’ in Aalborg

A respectful restoration of the architectural gem by Alvar Aalto rates Kunsten Museum of Modern Art, Aalborg as being among the best renovation projects in Denmark.

children's paintings on the wall of a school

Materials from demolished school reused

Holbæk Municipality saved money and avoided environmental problems by focusing on resource utilisation in connection with the demolition of the school Brunhøjskolen.

multistorey building called the Eksercerpladsen

Attractive development at Eksercerpladsen in Copenhagen

NIRAS provides consultancy on building project comprising student and youth accommodation, penthouse flats, retail and cafés.