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Looking for 19 engineers and specialists to create the sustainable mobility of tomorrow

Several new and exiting infrastructure projects open up for career opportunities in both Norway, Sweden and Denmark - are you looking for new challenges, please read on.

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Denmark’s secret atomic bunker will become the heart of a new Cold War museum

An underground bunker, located in the middle of Rold Skov in Himmerland, Denmark was a shelter for the Danish Government and Royal Family in the 1960’s, when doomsday seemed to be lurking right around the corner. Now the bunker will be revived as the centre for Denmark’s Cold War museum. NIRAS is consulting on the project.


Drying process is crucial in medical cannabis production

The drying process is essential in the production of medical cannabis in order to ensure clean products that meet the requirements set out by the Danish Medicines Agency and other health authorities. NIRAS's ventilation and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) engineers are experts in designing cannabis production facilities.

Bill Dobson in front of gate to Brains Brewery
New brewery in Cardiff

Brains Brewery prepares for the future with new production plant

Brains Brewery in Cardiff needed to build a completely new production facility to meet the demands of increasing flexibility and versatility of the modern beer market. NIRAS' experts were involved in all facets of designing, planning and installing the brand new Dragon Brewery.

huts in a desert area

Regional Migration Fund mobilised to support migrants in the Horn of Africa

To help address the root causes of migration and the needs of those in search of a better life, KfW is financing projects to enhance the economic potential of border areas while also improving the socioeconomic inclusion of refugees and host communities

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NIRAS is one of Scandinavia's leading consulting engineering companies.

NIRAS contributes to a large number of major societal challenges with a wide range of expertise that includes process plants, building, energy, environment, infrastructure, development consulting and urban planning.