NIRAS-managed project gives clean water to 330,000 in South Sudan

In South Sudan, a large water and development project led by NIRAS advisors has achieved remarkable results and great acknowledgement despite being interrupted by civil war. One of the main reasons for this success has been a sense of local ownership and close dialogue with the involved communities.

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ARC waste incinerator
Green transition

Climate crisis: we can capture, store and use CO2

By using innovative solutions we can start to capture and collect CO2 before it reaches the atmosphere. Especially technologies that aim to store CO2 will help reduce the amount of CO2 in our atmosphere.

Aviation fuel might become sustainable in the future
Green transition

One step closer to sustainable aviation fuel

The aviation fuel of the future might very well be green. This is the conclusion of a report that NIRAS has contributed to. By combining biogas, CO2 and hydrogen in an innovative manner, we are not far from creating sustainable aviation fuel.

New brewery in Cardiff

Brains Brewery prepares for the future with new production plant

Brains Brewery in Cardiff needed to build a completely new production facility to meet the demands of increasing flexibility and versatility of the modern beer market. NIRAS' experts were involved in all facets of designing, planning and installing the brand new Dragon Brewery.


Regional Migration Fund mobilised to support migrants in the Horn of Africa

To help address the root causes of migration and the needs of those in search of a better life, KfW is financing projects to enhance the economic potential of border areas while also improving the socioeconomic inclusion of refugees and host communities

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