Virtual Reality at Cérélia food factory

NIRAS has delivered the detailed engineering design and carried out a complete 3D model for the multinational food company Cérélia.

Susanne Junge (SJU) og Lone Hedegaard Mortensen (LMO)

Calculate climate footprint of your project

We have developed a series of tools that can support sustainability and make it measurable in every conceivable project within municipalities, regions, industry, healthcare, supply, transport, and construction.


Improve Intercity connections in Norway

NIRAS and Dr.techn.Olav Olsen have been selected to assist in the completion of the major Sandbukta–Moss–Såstad turnkey project for the InterCity line in the South East part of Norway.


History leaves its traces in Greenland – now it’s time to clean up

Empty barrels in large piles, military vehicles, and old airplane wrecks are some of the remnants illustrating the history of remote areas in Greenland. NIRAS has won the assignment to assess and screen eight of the affected locations.


Harnessing the potential of digital data in support of the SDGs in a smart, efficient, and safe way

Tapping into the insights of global technical experts and development practitioners, the newly released Frontier Data Study provides inspiration and instruction on how to engage with the latest opportunities with digital data and emerging technologies.

rain over city with various colours

Guiding the building sector towards absolute sustainability

The building sector across the globe has a huge potential for reducing its environmental impact. A PhD project aims to provide the sector with tools to help improve the use of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Consulting engineers

NIRAS is one of Scandinavia's leading consulting engineering companies.

NIRAS contributes to overcoming many major societal challenges with a wide range of expertise that includes process plants, building, energy, environment, infrastructure, development consulting and urban planning.