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Meet The Sustainability Network

As an important part of NIRAS's sustainability strategy, we have established a Sustainability Network with relevant experts across NIRAS.

Here, the experts have the opportunity to share the learnings they have acquired over the years, inspire one another and ensure their knowledge is integrated in their respective departments. The primary goal is to strengthen the work on sustainability across NIRAS.

Meet our sustainability experts in the short videos below, where they talk about their work in sustainability and how they want to make a positive difference in their area of expertise.

Jette Karstoft

Jette is as knowledgeable as she is passionate about sustainability and is considered one of the leading experts in sustainable soil management in Denmark.

Rasmus Lie Nielsen

In addition to making life-cycle analyses and helping with the dissemination of the customers' sustainability efforts, Rasmus tries to share his knowledge about EU taxonomy and much more.

Søren Nøhr Bak

Søren is passionate about working on sustainability projects in the Process Industry. He has, among other things, worked on a comprehensive project that aimed to reduce water consumption significantly at Carlsberg’s brewery in Fredericia.

Mette Lerche Sørensen

Mette works with destination development. In the various tasks within development projects, she makes an effort to include local stakeholders in the process because, in her opinion, they play a central part in carrying out the projects.

Ragnhild Stamer Ekerholt

Based in NIRAS’s Oslo office, Ragnhild helps companies and municipalities with their greenhouse gas calculations, and according to her, we can achieve far more with our work on sustainability if we are open to changing the ways we do things.

Peter Noyé

Peter is the Senior Expertise Director within the building sector and for over 20 years, he has made his mark on countless projects in indoor climate and energy. His work involves life cycle assessment, sustainable production of building materials and the interplay between buildings and our surroundings. 

Linnea Henriksson

Linnea works as a consultant in the Swedish Water and Utilities department Vattenbyggnad and believes that we need to think about our use of resources and how it affects the climate. This is why she chose to work with everything from sustainable stormwater management to life cycle analysis.

Rasmus Johannsen

At Infrastructure West in Aarhus, Rasmus serves as the Project Director, leading a team that manages projects from marine facilities to road design, where sustainability plays a big role in the daily work.

Free tool: Try SDG Capture

Try the digital SDG Capture that lets you work with the Sustainable Development Goals in an easy and operational manner.

Use the tool in a multidisciplinary dialogue in order to spot possibilities for innovation and sustainability.

Digital tools that turn visions into action

Many companies, organisations and public institutions want to prioritise sustainable solutions and work with the UN's global goals. However, it is also a fact that turning the desire into concrete action can be a challenge.

NIRAS has developed and tested various tools that can support this important work and make sustainability measurable in every conceivable project within public institutions, industry, healthcare, supply, transport, and construction.

How we work with sustainability

Please reach out if you want to know more about how we work with sustainability and the Sustainable Development Goals

Markus Davelid

Markus Davelid

Executive Vice President

Stockholm, Sweden

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