SDG Initiator

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SDG Initiator is a tool that can help you prioritize investments in sustainability in a transparent manner when you optimize your business, build new facilities, or develop your strategy.

SDG Initiator

SDG Initiator is a tool that can help you prioritize investments in sustainability in a transparent way, when you want to develop an SDG-strategy, optimize the operation of your company or when you are set to rebuild or extend production facilities.

SDG Initiator:

  1. Through SDG-audits, possible initiatives, that will have a considerable effect on the company’s sustainability profile, are identified. With the SDG-Initiator, we can help estimating the effects and necessary investment and through this, strengthen the foundation for choosing the initiatives that will provide with the most sustainability for the money.
  2. SDG-Initiator contributes to implementing and creating clear results of companies’ sustainability strategy.
  3. SDG-Initiator contributes to identifying relevant goals for the sustainability effort and creates a foundation for an effective and manageable measuring and reporting of the results.

How does SDG Initiator work?

SDG Initiator is based and relies on a series of simple rules, that helps create an overview of your company’s possible sustainability initiatives, effects of this and necessary initiatives/investments.

This way, the tool helps visualizing the initiatives with a clear positive effect on the company’s sustainability and expenses regarding this. Just as relevant, Initiator helps with identifying investments with unintended negative influences on the company’s sustainability or investments that are disproportionately cost-intensive.

Initiator has a broad accession to sustainability and can in this way contribute to comparing and prioritizing sustainability initiatives across the UN’s 17 sustainable development goals. Naturally with a focus on achieving the largest possible sustainability effect through the investments. For example initiatives related to usage of water and materials , Carbon emissions, health, safety etc.

A balancing of the identified possible efforts can be made on the basis of quantifiable effects complemented with qualitative weightings established on the base of the companies priorities and CSR policy.

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