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How do you build more sustainably? With SDG Measure we help you all the way from good intentions to concrete solutions.

How do you build more sustainably?

With the SDG Measure tool, NIRAS can help you figure out how to build in a more sustainable manner.

The tool can measure all possible parameters and find out how, for example, solar cells, wood or recyclable materials affect the sustainability of the building.

With the tool, we help you translate world goals into the context of your construction and make sustainability measurable.

According to NIRAS' sustainability construction specialists, 11 of the 17 global goals can be related to construction projects, and the specialists recommend prioritizing the three to five goals, which can have the greatest positive impact on the building's sustainability goals.

Construction life cycle

SDG Measure relates to the entire construction life cycle. This includes all processes from extracting materials to planning, executing and operating, and what will happen to the construction when it has completed its life cycle.

With SDG Measure, you can measure at which stage of the construction or of the building's life cycle the individual SDG is met.

Is it in relation to energy consumption and indoor climate? Or when the building has terminated its life cycle? All phases - even after the building has terminated its function - can be relevant to the SDGs if you have planned how to recycle materials or degrade them in a sustainable way.

How to save ten percent energy consumption in your building

If you would like to reduce your energy consumption by ten percent, you can use the SDG Measure tool to see how much of the goal you achieve if you e.g. introduce solar cells.

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