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Facility and Framework Contracts

In our work with management of Facility and Framework Contracts (FWCs), we apply integrated and innovative approaches with the aim of achieving a higher level of stable human development, equitable economic and social empowerment, and inclusive, well-governed, and climate-smart societies of the future.

Supporting reform of Georgia’s waste management sector, contributing to capacity building in Ghana, and backing subnational democratic development reforms in Cambodia are just a few examples of the crucial projects that NIRAS’ Facility and Framework Contracts Unit undertakes.  

NIRAS has been managing Facilities and FWCs – particularly for EU –for many years, implementing more than 350 short-term assignments worth over €35 million in excess of 100 countries. 

 My experience in terms of collaboration was very positive. In my view, people make the difference. Collaborating with NIRAS was a pleasure, not least because the project manager was extraordinary; she was always responsive, open to dialogue, and looking for positive solutions to the challenges. The experts were very professional and dedicated in their approach to the assignment. It was a great effort to put this project into place, 

Catarina Caetano, Programme Manager for the EU Delegation in Botswana

Framework Contracts are a modality available to obtain high-quality technical expertise for projects funded by actors such as the EU or the Southern African Development Community (SADC) on very short notice. Each contract is built upon a framework of pre-agreed terms that can be adopted and expanded for a variety of project types in many different contexts. 

EU Facility contracts are set up to provide demand-driven support to, for example, EU Headquarters, EU Delegations and stakeholders in the EU’s international partnership and development policy and are characterised by a high degree of flexibility, responsiveness and adaptability to provide tailored solutions in the key areas of development cooperation and contribute to the ultimate goal to reduce poverty, ensure sustainable development, and promote democracy, human rights, and the rule of law across the world. 

NIRAS operates a specific Facility and Framework Contracts Unit with a dedicated team of over 30 employees, based in Denmark, Belgium, Colombia, Finland, FranceGermany, Scotland and Serbia, which enables us to have staff working on FWCs 24 hours a day. Our Technical Directors, who are specialised in all thematic areas covered by the Facilities and FWCs, provide backstopping and support to ensure quality delivery and client satisfaction. The NIRAS approach is based on transparency and fairness towards clients, experts, and partner companies. Together we take pride in the results we deliver. 

Through the implementation of FWCs, NIRAS can move into action on behalf of the client more swiftly and efficiently than if each contract needed to be built from the ground up. The FWCs cover – among other technical areas – agriculture, environment, energy, water, infrastructure, private sector development, trade, governance, gender, and human rights. As such, the potential for impact with each project is immense. 

In managing Facilities, our experience includes The Environmental Technical Assistance and Information Exchange Partnerships Facility (TAIEF), Support to Working Better Together for the Implementation of the 2030 Agenda (JP, DEVCO A2 - now INTPA D1), Advisory Services to the Education Sector (EAS), Support for the implementation of a Rights-Based Approach to Development (RBA), with special focus on Gender Equality, Gender Advisory Service (INTPA G1)Moreover, we have recently been awarded the EU Civil Society Roadmap Facility (INTPA G2) and the Facility on Conflict Analysis, Risk Assessments and Monitoring Frameworks (FPI.2). 

We provide support in all technical sectors in development cooperation, and we cover the whole of the project cycle, formulation, implementation, evaluation and review, as well as desk studies, study tours, etc. 

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NIRAS Facilities & Framework Contracts Brochure 2022

Download the brochure, which outlines our services and competences. 

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