Land, Tenure and Management

Land, Tenure and Management

When implementing land tenure and management projects, NIRAS uses a holistic approach based on the rights of local people, as well as the history and economic development objectives of the country concerned.

Land is the basis of all human activities. People are attached to land because their livelihoods, identities and histories are entwined with it.

Today, 70% of land rights in developing countries are undocumented. The way in which land is accessed, managed, and controlled represents political, institutional, economic, environmental, social, and cultural challenges, which need to be governed to ensure equitable access as well as to procure a feeling of security to legitimate land holders.

Within the past ten years, NIRAS has implemented 13 land governance projects in Africa, Asia, Europe, and Latin America as lead company. Each project has had a budget of between €1−12M.

Land tenure, management and administration projects have substantial impacts on gender equality as they improve women’s access to land ownership. They also increase investments in land by providing long-term prospects for owners and stabilise livelihoods. In addition, land projects enhance land productivity, income, access to credit, and reduce conflicts.

With our public, private, and civil society partners, NIRAS aims to ensure that land tenure and management contribute to reducing poverty, enhancing livelihoods, strengthening investment opportunities, guaranteeing sound environmental management, contributing to social inclusion and justice, empowering women and reducing conflict.

NIRAS’s practice is to have in-house experts in all project teams to ensure knowledge exchange. These experts are active networkers and share their findings in professional fora around the globe. Our home office also provides strong backstopping services and technical support to the project team leaders to ensure the technical and policy solutions are sound.

NIRAS supports governments in the development of cost-effective land administration systems, which meet specific national objectives and conform to international standards. The methods and technologies are always adjusted to local conditions and developed within the capabilities of the country’s national administration.

Services we can offer:

  • Land tenure and governance
  • Land policy and legislation
  • Land administration and registration
  • Land information systems (LIS)
  • Mapping and GIS
  • Customary land tenure
  • Commons and state land
  • Investment land
  • Institutional development
  • Housing and urban development
  • Community engagement, public awareness
  • Gender equality and social inclusion
  • Conflict mitigation and resolution
  • Land valuation
  • Land use planning
  • Land consolidation
  • Landscape approaches
  • Climate resilient land use

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