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Niras Digital Futures

NIRAS International Consulting has a mission to bring together the right experts and partners to solve development challenges through enhanced approaches to digital technology and data

Our Digital Futures brand and philosophy is built around our in-house staff who possess unique and varied international experience and networks in using data and tech effectively, combining the latest innovative thinking with established best practice in development, policy, and data standards. 

NIRAS sees the future of digitalisation in international development as about selecting the right partners for each new challenge and working with the global data community to inspire a better world through numbers and digital technology. This hub-like concept brings together specialists in digital data, software developers, data scientists, official statisticians, M&E experts, engineers and many more. 

A unique set of values motivate our work: 

  • Digitisation is driven by data; enhanced approaches to data quality are even more important for decision-making in the digital era.
  • Innovation should not automatically be valued over good practice or improvements in traditional methods or data.
  • South–South cooperation is a primary goal where possible; we recognise the value of sharing home-grown knowledge and the building of local capacities.
  • Learning from the digitisation of NIRAS’ internal processes leads to improved in-house expertise and better solutions for our clients and partners.

“In light of the digital revolution, the importance of effective data use has increased tremendously. The onset of technologies such as artificial intelligence, blockchain and the Internet of Things (IoTs) have increased the speed and availability of data. Harnessing this data effectively is a challenge but also an opportunity to enhance achievement of the SDGs. We are proud to lead the digital transformation of development by fostering a data-driven culture and paving the way to evidence-based decision-making to help address the global challenges framed around the SDGs.”

Carsten Toft Boesen, NIRAS Group CEO 

Introducing our dedicated Digital Futures Hub 

NIC seeks to find digital solutions where appropriate for all projects. But where digital solutions are explicitly needed, we often work via our Digital Futures Hub, a core team of staff with experience to build tailored solutions or carry out research related to digital tech and data. 

What we offer 

  • Building capacity around effective use of statistics and data
  • Evaluating Complex Interventions using innovations
  • Twitter and Social Media Analysis
  • Use of Blockchain, AI, Drones and IoTs in collection, storage, and access of data
  • Embedding digital and traditional data into evidence-based policy-making cycles
  • Data quality and innovation strategies, for digital and traditional data
  • Reviews of M&E Systems; using data well and differently in M&E Systems
  • Data management and MIS systems
  • Digital solutions for project and fund management
  • Online and mobile solutions for key development challenges
  • Remote sensing & geospatial solutions
  • Innovation sector support
  • Advisory services on how the public sector can create an enabling environment for digital best practices and data security.

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