House in water with grass rooftop

Carbon emissions reduction and climate policies

We identify possibilities of reducing the carbon footprint. For industrial and public customers, we strengthen the financial situation and improve the climate at the same time.

Solar cells on a field

Solar energy and bioenergy

With our full-cycle consultancy, NIRAS ensures solutions that are environmentally and financially sustainable for our customers.

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Strategic energy planning

Your road to future-proof energy planning.

Electronic waste in metal cage

Resources and symbioses

The waste of one industry can be the resource of another. NIRAS can help identify and implement symbioses across industries and utility companies. That is good business – also for the environment.

Public beach park with industrial buildings in background

Carbon footprint

NIRAS' consultancy services make environment and sustainability measurable. We make calculations for the green transition to allow our customers to choose the best solutions for the climate.

Power plant with windmill in front

Energy production and energy distribution

NIRAS can optimise operations and provide the basis for making the big decisions regarding electricity, heat and cold production and distribution.

Two men standing in front of power plant

Energy savings and efficiency improvements

With NIRAS as your consultancy service provider, you will get the best energy investments. We will help you make the most of potentials and reduce loss.

wind mills in a windfarm in the sea


We ensure environmentally and financially sustainable projects for our customers.