Man in front of unfinished building


NIRAS offers geotechnical consultancy within a wide range of areas from railroads and wind turbine foundations to commercial and residential construction.

Vasiliko Oil Product Terminal

Harbours and coasts

With more than 75 years' experience with harbours and marine installations, we assist both public and private developers.

Three people in work gear inspecting a railway

Railways, metros, and light railways

Our experts handle all stages of a railway project with specialized knowledge within all areas of expertise from planning, design and construction.

Three employees standing around table with map


Our traffic planners assist with technical, financial and environmental consultancy within all types of traffic.

Two men walking on permeable LAR road


We pave the way for the roads of the future and assist with status evaluations, design of roads and pathways and land development.

The city bridge in Odense at night

Bridges and tunnels

Our specialists assist with planning and design of new bridges, marine installations and tunnels and the renovation of steel and concrete structures.

Men standing on landing stripe


NIRAS assists in planning of runways, airport buildings, parking spaces and safety zones.