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Railways, Metros, and Light Railways

Our experts handle all stages of a railway project with specialised knowledge within all areas of expertise from planning, design and construction.

NIRAS handles all railway project stages, from idea to construction inspection and subsequent operations and maintenance. NIRAS covers all technical skills required for planning, designing, and constructing railways, including

  • Railway technology
  • Rolling stock and operations
  • Traffic planning
  • Civil engineering and construction
  • Road construction
  • Stations
  • Environmental impact
  • Operational and socioeconomics

In addition, we handle a range of interdisciplinary tasks, such as interface management, construction cost estimates and risk management, regulatory processing and approvals, and common safety method (CSM) assessment. We often work across disciplines to achieve an optimum solution.

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Karin-Inge Gade Schultz

Karin-Inge Gade Schultz

Vice President, Business Unit

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Charlotte Valentin

Charlotte Valentin

Head of Department

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