NIRAS and Per Aarsleff A/S collaborate on a new port expansion in Varberg, Sweden

Varberg Nyt Billede

NIRAS is acting as a consultant for the Danish infrastructure contractor Per Aarsleff A/S in a major project involving the construction of a section of Varberg Port in Sweden. NIRAS has been responsible for executing the turnkey contract. The project, which spans from 2021 to June 2024, is designed for the storage and shipment of wood products.

June 21, 2024
  • SECTORS: Ports & Marine
  • COUNTRIES: Sweden
  • CLIENT: Per Aarsleff A/S
  • DURATION: 2021 - 2024

“It has been an incredibly exciting project to be a part of. Technically, the calculations for the quay structure, which is placed on very soft deposits, have been particularly complicated. It has required close coordination between the different professional groups to reach the goal. It has been wonderful to see everyone on the project work purposefully together to solve the task," says Morten Luther, Senior Project Manager at NIRAS.

3D modeling ensures precision and collaboration

NIRAS has worked closely with Per Aarsleff A/S throughout the project to ensure that all solutions are adapted to the contractor’s machinery, competencies, and construction methods. All structures have been modeled in 3D to ensure precise transfer of the project to the construction site.

“We chose to design the entire project in 3D. This has greatly helped us coordinate the various disciplines and ensured that everything is coordinated before it is sent to the contractor on site. The 3D models have also made it much easier to explain and clarify issues with the customer,” says Morten.

The collaboration between NIRAS and Per Aarsleff A/S has been essential in achieving the optimal project, where innovative solutions and precise execution have been key. With the project’s completion in June 2024, Varberg Port will be ready to handle new volumes of wood products, secured by a robust and well-thought-out construction.

Ambitious Constructions on Soft Ground

The project includes the establishment of a 324-meter-long quay and a 140-meter-long pier, both constructed as bridge quays with pile-supported concrete decks underneath. The quay is equipped with fenders, bollards, as well as outlets for water and electricity. Due to the soft deposits, extensive soil improvements have been necessary to ensure the stability of the construction.

In addition to the quay and pier, a back area of approximately 75,000 square meters will be established for the storage of wood products. The area will be paved, including roads and storage areas, and utilities such as drainage, sewage, drinking water, fire hydrants, electricity, and lighting will be installed.

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Morten Luther

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