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Production Structure Analysis

NIRAS has extensive experience in building production facilities around the world and has covered all disciplines from process, utilities, packaging, logistics, civils, warehousing and financial evaluations. In some of those projects the production structure (footprint) has been evaluated to determine which plants to expand, which to close, which to refurbish, when to build and where, to achieve the lowest cost and a robust production structure for the future.

Our Approach

We begin by establishing an “as is baseline” gathering comprehensive data on production capacities, costs, needed reinvestments etc. Our experts conduct a thorough technical assessment of your current operations, emphasising necessary reinvestments to maintain factory functionality.

We then pinpoint actionable improvements that can enhance efficiency and productivity to a “as is optimised baseline ” before considering further investments.

We develop various scenarios for the future production structure, given scenarios for how the future could look like; various forecasts for the different product categories, geographic changes to demand, change of supply chain etc. This may include options like consolidating production into existing plants or exploring greenfield scenarios. Multiple scenarios are generated to evaluate capacity and identify feasible optimal solutions. To create buy-in we put great emphasis on the transparency in the assumptions and calculations. This is done using the NIRAS Dynamic Master Planning Model.

The NIRAS Dynamic Master Planning Model

Model highligts

  • The NIRAS DMP Model allows for evaluating investment scenarios with varying sales forecasts, determining the strength of your Master Plan.
  • The NIRAS DMP model handles 10-year forecast, combined with a monthly profile to handle peak sales
  • It is easy to combine sales scenarios and scenarios for technical configurations, thus you do not need to maintain all combinations of scenarios and update these.
Niras Production Analysis Structure Illustration

Further steps

A Production Structure Analysis often leads to further steps, such as transition strategies and specific site master plans.

At NIRAS, we are dedicated to helping you transform your production structure, reduce costs, and position your organisation for sustainable growth. Our Production Structure Analysis is your pathway to a more efficient, competitive, and responsive manufacturing operation.

Contact us today to embark on your journey towards optimising your production supply chain to meet your unique needs and aspirations.

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