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ASSET - registration of plant in utilities

ASSET is an ideal, digital system for registering plant – including management and handling of components and physical assets.

ASSET has been developed to support a utility's task of operating and maintaining utility plant and managing the company in accordance with the legal framework. The system is user-friendly and easy to understand with a structure reminiscent of Windows Explorer. The structure provides an optional degree of detail of the plant, regardless of whether registration is done at a general level or in more detail. It is also possible to add documentation and other information. With ASSET, you can make specific extracts from the database in connection with analysis and reporting.

ASSET supports the business areas: Water and heat. 

Integration with other IT solutions:

  • Effective tool for determining the value of utility type physical assets – e.g. VALUE
  • Digital management of planning and execution of tasks regarding maintenance and supervisory tasks – e.g. DRIVE
  • Automatic creation of tasks – e.g. SRO

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