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VALUE - determines the value of the utility's physical assets

VALUE is the most complete tool on the market for determining and managing the value of a utility's physical assets.

VALUE is indispensable when a utility's thousands of individual assets must be valued. It is challenging for water companies to meet the requirements of the Water Sector Act and the Annual Accounts Act. With VALUE, the utility company gets an easy and efficient handling of arrivals, changes, departures as well as write-ups and write-downs of the assets. VALUE comes with reporting for the utility’s administration, accountant and for internal use and provides great savings in time, resources and costs. In addition, the system generates key calculations completely automatically and reports for things like benchmarking and annual accounts with just a single click.

The VALUE system offers:

  • Overview of depreciation
  • Reports to the board, auditor, utility administration etc.
  • Monitoring of a utility's assets
  • Streamlined workflows
  • Time and resource savings
  • Overview of investment needs
  • A professional operation of the business

VALUE supports the utility sector: Drainage/sewer (the program will be further developed to also include water and heat)

Integration with other IT solutions:

  • Plant register - ASSET

Other benefits:

  • Continuous map function
  • Documented history on all assets
  • All assets combined in one program with common reporting (link with Asset)
  • Calculation on data from the pipes and cables register
  • Supports data from the DanDas model regardless of pipes and cables register program
  • Web-based
  • Easy import and distribution of values on assets in new plant projects
  • User-friendly search function
  • Summation of the residual value of pipe and cable systems in the designated area

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