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DRIVE - the system that streamlines your work processes

DRIVE is a digital system for managing and handling operational and maintenance tasks in utility companies and other companies . DRIVE increases efficiency and gives you great savings in time and resources.

DRIVE is a digital system for managing and handling operational and maintenance tasks. This can, for example, be supervision and service tasks in utility companies. The system streamlines workflows across departments and between companies, and it provides major savings in time and resources. Ease of use and user interfaces are the focus, so that DRIVE can be accessed by several actors – both internally and externally.

The system's core features are a digital overview, structure and simple menus. The system also contributes to improving your service to your clients e.g. automatic feedback on work carried out for client. DRIVE also comes with key figures and statistics based on the export of relevant data for benchmarking.

The DRIVE system contains:

  • GIS Integration: Combines data, GIS and SRO in one system
  • Inquiries: Create inquiries incl. map marking or receive them from an external website
  • Routine: Plan fixed tasks during the year so that their management runs fully automatically
  • Tasks to be performed: Technicians or contractors log in and access their jobs
  • Reporting: Report from technicians or contractors generated directly incl. documentation, checklist etc.
  • Approval: Employee approves completed tasks
  • key figures Export relevant data for benchmarking or Excel.
  • User-friendly on all platforms for all users

DRIVE supports all business areas: Water, Heating, Sewage, Street lights, Environmental supervision, Telecom, Electricity, Gas, Fibre network, Traffic & Roads, Ports etc.

Integration with other IT solutions:

  • Website for handling inquiries - e.g. Mitvand.dk and MinKloak.dk
  • Plant register - e.g. ASSET
  • Automatic creation of tasks – e.g. SRO
  • Operating data is turned into usable information e.g. by Machine Learning

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