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MÅLERTJEK - effective collaboration between fitter, utility and client

The web-based tool MÅLERTJEK creates better collaboration and customer service when meters need to be read or serviced.

MÅLERTJEK is a web-based tool for booking and checking when replacing or servicing consumption meters. The system streamlines the process and workflows across several departments in an organisation. This provides great savings in time and resources.

MÅLERTJEK provides the opportunity for planning, management and efficiency with a full overview of bookings, technicians, as well as control and servicing visits. Ease of use and user interfaces are the focus, and this means that MÅLERTJEK can be accessed by several actors with different user roles. A technician or fitter can always access and update data from all platforms with further processing in the administration. The system also helps boost service to your clients with, among other things, the automatic sending of text messages, emails etc.

MÅLERTJEK supports business areas: Water/Heat/Electricity supplies and meter replacement in companies.

Support - call +45 28 57 58 59

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Thomas Heine Bech

Thomas Heine Bech

Team Manager: Data & Software

Aalborg, Denmark

+45 6040 9186

Anni Offersgaard

Anni Offersgaard

Sales & Market Director

Aarhus, Denmark

+45 4299 0309

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