LUCRATIVE - automatic delivery of pipe and cable plans

LUCRATIVE is the system that offers automatic distribution of pipe and cable plans and prepares you for the new legislation for pipe and cable owners (LER 2.0).

LUCRATIVE provides pipe and cable owners with an automatic, fast and efficient response to excavation inquiries from LER in the form of pipe and cable plans in all file formats that may be required in max. two hours. The automatic response means a significant saving of time and resources. LUCRATIVE automatically retrieves excavation requests for the pipe and cable owner in question directly from LER.

The inquiries are processed immediately and result in the generation of pipe and cable plans, which are sent via email to the excavation operator. With role management, LUCRATIVE enables the system to be accessed by several actors as needed, both internally and externally. There is a focus on user-friendliness and an effective overview of requested and issued pipe and cable plans.

The LUCRATIVE system contains:

  • Fully automatic distribution of pipe and cable plans with support for LER 2.0 in Max. two hours
  • In operation around the clock and with a user-friendly interface
  • Safety, security and an overview with registration of processed orders for when insurance claims occur
  • Possibility of separate handling of several types of supply with one CVR number in one installation
  • The excavation operator can access and use LUCRATIVE on a PC, tablet or smartphone. Pipes and cables are displayed in the built-in map viewer
  • The employee gets uniform and efficient handling of excavation inquiries directly from LER
  • GIS Integration: Open GIS exchange formats WMS/WFS

LUCRATIVE supports all pipe and cable owners in the areas of: heating, water, sewage, gas, telecommunications, electricity, signal systems, TV and fibre networks, etc.

Integration with other IT solutions:

  • Tool for sustainable pipe and cable renovation – eg REHAB-IT
  • Digital management of planning and execution of tasks regarding maintenance and supervisory tasks – e.g. DRIVE
  • Registration map – e.g. KortInfo

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