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REHAB-IT - strategy tool for sustainable pipe and cable renovation

Bad decisions are expensive decisions. The REHAB-IT program helps to maintain a strategy for pipe and cable renovation, so that it becomes streamlined and uniform year after year.

REHAB-IT helps determine renovation plans by combining data input from the knowledge of the pipe and cable network. This could be, for example, operating reports, the strategic renovation plan the utility has chosen and other data about the pipe and cable network.

Functions in REHAB-IT

  • Comparison of investment scenarios and visualisation of consequences based on strategy selection
  • Asset Management tool – value-based approach to pipe and cable selection
  • Setting up service goals and assessing the effectiveness
  • Investment planning based on technical, economic and socio-economic consequences

REHAB-IT – a discipline-specific tool

  • Uniform tool for water and waste water
  • Decision support tool
  • Flexible with manual inputs
  • Updated and "up to date" with live maintenance
  • Built-in map function

REHAB-IT is an IT tool that comes up with a strategy and indicates the profitable and economically optimal time period for replacing pipes and cables. The same decision-making method is used for both water and waste water. With REHAB-IT's tool, pipes and cables are prioritised against each other, and based on a point system the system suggests a one-year renovation plan for your pipes and cables.

The renovation year itself is determined partly based on a technical assessment of the pipe or cable and partly based on a cost-benefit calculation. The renovation year can also be determined based on a desire to follow a service goal.

The technical assessment is determined based on a number of optional parameters. As an example, the following technical parameters have been chosen as a starting point in the development of drainage: Hydraulic condition, physical index and extraneous water. In addition, REHAB-IT uses a number of technical data which is obtained from, among other things, the pipe and cable registration etc.

Integration with other IT solutions:

  • Plant register – e.g. Asset
  • Generating pipe and cable plans – e.g. LUCRATIVE
  • Planning and execution of tasks - e.g. DRIVE

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