Damiris Rozo

Damaris Rozo: Challenges are a chance for learning something new

Damaris Rozo is a relative newcomer to NIRAS, but her job at the Bogotá office has already given the 26-year-old Colombian a series of opportunities to enhance her professional competencies and undertake a lot of meaningful work.

 Casper Barrett Uggerholt (CBUG)

When the client receives the key to the facility, everything works

Casper Barrett Uggerholt works with Commissioning. A quality assurance process, which verifies, documents and tests that buildings meet the specified requirements.

Roger Sutton (ROSU)

Roger Sutton: “Delivering projects is a passion”

Delivering projects is a passion for NIRAS’ project director in the United Kingdom, Roger Sutton. Having worked for two decades in the food and beverage sector, he believes that being transparent and up-front with clients is crucial to a successful project.

Søren Nøhr Thomsen (SNT). eDNA

Using eDNA as a weapon on the hunt for the garlic toad

By using clever methods such as eDNA, Søren Nøht Thomsen can map species like these in aquatic environments and thereby create a foundation for us to better protect their habitats.

Portrait of Jens Kristian Krüger

When the professional heart beats for safety and security

Security specialist Jens Kristian Krüger works his way from the outside in when he designs security strategies for buildings, such as anti-terrorism measures. Jens takes pride in uniting the wishes of customer, client and architect into one solution.

Karen Soboleosky

Karen Soboleosky: New week, new challenge

For the Director of NIRAS’s EU Framework Contracts Unit, short deadlines and changing priorities make for demanding but exciting work

Employee portrait of a man

From client to environmental consultant: “It’s more dynamic and the deadlines are shorter”

Navigating giant projects is nothing out of the ordinary for project lead and environmental consultant Bent Sømod. He calmly oversees all from large wind farm projects to the Baltic Pipe Line in Lillebælt, Denmark.

male passenger getting out of a red tuk tuk

Jonas Novén: No “fly-in, fly-out” outfit here

NIRAS’s Laos Country Director relishes being close to field operations, project activities, and clients

Woman in work wear standing in front of geoprobe

Environmental engineer protects Danish and Swedish groundwater against contamination

Environmental engineer and project manager, Freja Rebecca Johansen inspects contaminated sites, among others at closed down military bases in Sweden. Here, she both upholds her childhood and is challenged professionally.

group of people in third world country

Gladys Savolainen: Walking the talk in gender and social inclusion

With a career spanning 15 years in Africa, Southeast and Central Asia as well as the Middle East, this Filipino Finn injects a participatory approach into much of NIRAS’s projects

NIRAS Employee in front of Havhaven

The marine biologist who wants kitchen gardens at sea

Per Andersen is a senior specialist at NIRAS, who mainly deals with monitoring the Danish waters in his everyday work. Per keeps track of the occurrence and development of plankton, toxic algae and water quality, among other things, both for the commercial bivalve industry, aquaculture and the Danish Environmental Protection Agency.

two men standing in front of niras logo

Johan Boerekamp: A bond built up over time

Even after 30 years in Mozambique, the Managing Director of our Maputo office is still surprised by the country’s unspoiled and undiscovered beauty

Five men standing in a plantation

Mikael Segerros: Still passionate after all these years

With more than four decades of agriculture experience under his belt, Mikael is one of NIRAS's longest serving employees

woman speaking into a microphone

Maja Bosnic: Putting beneficiaries at the centre of government budgets

The team leader of Sida’s seven-year Gender-Responsive Budgeting (GRB) project in Ukraine has always been passionate about finding ways to include citizens in budget decisions.

Three people smiling

Irene Karani: New NIRAS Africa Director and life-long student

Coming into the NIRAS family through the merger with LTS International, Irene brings 25 years of experience and a passion for learning every day

Female employee posing in nature

Eilidh Young: The Agony Aunt of Biodiversity Project Managers

Having worked with LTS International since 1999, Eilidh takes the record (just) of being the newest member of the NIRAS family’s longest standing current member of staff.

White man holding small African boy in his arms

Ole Stokholm Jepsen: A lifetime of learning

The team leader for NIRAS’s "Water for Eastern Equatoria" Project in South Sudan brings decades of experience to a challenging situation and explains how the simplest solutions are often the best.

woman on a hiking trail

Karin Höglund: Experiencing the world without leaving Sweden

Working as part of the team who manages International Training Programmes for Sida and Danida, this NIRAS employee interacts with people from around the globe on a daily basis.

Man smelling and tasting beer

Jeppe Kieldsen ensures the quality of our beer

When Chief Consultant and Master Brewer Jeppe Kieldsen is not consulting on worldwide brewery projects, he detects errors in beer in NIRAS’ taste panel.

Man clapping at his audience at a conference

Petrus Theunisz: "NIRAS has provided me with ample opportunities to prove my worth"

Team Leader - Civil Society Support Facility Programme in Macedonia (Civica Mobilitas)

workers at construction site

Vincent I. Sikelo: "You use current engineering technologies blended to suit the country context"

Vincent has been part of the team of experts involved in the “South Sudan - Joint Evaluation agriculture and food security” project, where he offered his expertise as Infrastructure and Feeder Roads Expert.

Man kneeling inside straw teepee

Paolo Scalia: "It’s not really a job, rather a way of life"

Paolo is the team leader in the EU Lot 1 project “South Sudan - Joint Evaluation agriculture and food security.

Portrait of woman sitting on a couch

Sabra Saleh: A sense of purpose and belonging

Almost exactly 11 years ago, this Tanzanian joined the NIRAS office in Dar es Salaam. NIRAS has become a big part of her life, offering wonderful experiences to work with colleagues around the world on various assignments.

Man sitting by desk

Slobodan Novkovic: Manila Calling

Meet the Serbian heading up our new office bringing tender support services to the Philippines.

Male NIRAS employee in a MRI scanning room

As a medico advisor, I bring – along with the hospital staff – the best out of the operating room

Expertise director and client advisor Carsten Dollerup knows all about how the advanced medico technical equipment works on patients and how it works for the staff, e.g. on the effects of noise and vibration exposure.

Selfie of Tor Jörgensen on ski trail

NIRAS’s talent programme helps Tor specialise in development consulting

The past year Tor Jörgensen has stayed in Serbia, Finland and Zambia as part of NIRAS Young Professional Academy. Soon he will go to Kenya, where he will be challenged on his understanding of cultural differences and working in areas of conflict.