Saby factory seen from above

Company environment

We pave the way for company expansions and help the authorities administer the environmental area.

Noise reduction fence at road

Acoustics and noise

We offer expert advice on the best and most effective noise reduction.

Vejle harbour seen from above

Environmental impact assessment and strategic environmental assessment

We help realise railway and road projects, industrial and processing plants and wind farms.

Man screening for environmentally harmful substances on a building ground

Environmentally harmful substances in indoor climate

Problems with asbestos, PCB, radon, damp and mould can be solved.

Female NIRAS employee presenting the soil decontamination project

Soil contamination and groundwater contamination

NIRAS have many years of experience and 150 experts who work specifically on investigating and developing contaminated sites.

A river valley with grass in the waterline

Nature and aquatic environment

We provide advice on all tasks in the fields of nature and water. You can always expect holistic solutions that are based on the latest knowledge.

Woman holding a sample


We carry out on-site sampling and analysis of contaminated soil, water and soil gas using our mobile Geoprobe system.