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Environmentally Harmful Substances in Indoor Climate

NIRAS advises on solutions to the presence of asbestos, PCB, radon, damp and mould.

Asbestos, PCB, radon, damp and mould are a frequent source of concern in many buildings. At NIRAS, we offer screening, identification, measurement, risk assessment and remediation of problems with harmful substances in the indoor air quality. 

Our many experts assist you with the measurement, identification and control of harmful substances. We determine the type of problem and make practical, cost-effective suggestions for its remediation.

We can design and cost solutions and provide construction control and supervision.

If you need a building survey or a risk assessment of building waste or contaminated sites, we always provide the best solution.

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Camilla Kjær

Camilla Kjær

Vice President

Allerød, Denmark

+45 3078 7573

Mette Neerup Jeppesen

Mette Neerup Jeppesen

Head of Department

Aarhus, Denmark

+45 2171 2342

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