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With several decades of experience and a holistic perspective, NIRAS designs and delivers complex process plants in all food and beverage markets.

Efficiency, quality, and hygiene are key aspects of any process plant in the food and beverage industry. With several decades of experience and a holistic perspective, NIRAS designs and delivers complex process plants in all markets from fish, meat, poultry and dairy, to bakery, plant-based foods, ingredients, and beer and beverage.

Whether you are looking to create an efficient process flow at your new production plant or want to optimise or expand production at your existing facility, NIRAS has the skills and technical expertise to devise and deliver the optimal solutions.

Exhaustive range of services

Our experts cover all fields of food engineering and offer complete solutions that include everything from refrigeration and cooling, to design of pipe work, valve layouts and plant layouts, as well as the positioning of tanks and pumps.

We design ventilation and utility systems to meet your specific requirements and standards, and we ensure optimal interconnection with your existing supplies.

State-of-the-art utility and automation systems, furthermore ensure high efficiency and stable production. With a strategic approach to specific utilities such as water (e.g. water for injection - WFI), and purified water (PW), steam, compressed air, and nitrogen, we secure seamless integration and incorporation of sustainable and energy-efficient solutions.

Food safety and energy efficiency

In addition to securing optimal process flows, we provide industry-leading hygiene solutions.

Particularly areas such as refrigeration systems and process ventilation are often neglected as an area of risk, when it comes to hygiene standards, which can result in serious challenges in the long run.

The result is often undersized refrigeration and process ventilation plants, which cannot keep the products sufficiently cold and ultimately threaten the safety of the production flow and products.

At NIRAS, we improve food safety and efficiency with clearly defined hygiene zones and optimised flows, which not only increase food safety, but often also yield increased productivity and profits.

NIRAS’ expertise within refrigeration systems will furthermore ensure energy-optimal temperature regulation and incorporate resource-saving efforts, such as guaranteeing the lowest possible drip loss.

NIRAS' Process and Packaging services include:

  • Process engineering
  • Pipe-& vessel design
  • Refrigeration
  • Industrial/black utilities
  • Energy optimisation
  • Design and optimisation of packaging plants
  • Process automation

Increased capacity through packaging solutions

Prioritising packaging and end-of-line solutions has the potential to increase the capacity of your packaging line significantly. At NIRAS, we tailor packaging lines to your specifications from start to finish while taking your ambitions for the future into account.

Our engineers and project managers keep in touch with suppliers and supervise the entire process from factory acceptance test (FAT), construction, commissioning and start up, until the new line meets your specifications and is fully operational.

Ensuring adaptability

A solid understanding of our clients’ needs, and long-term ambitions forms the bedrock of our work with process and packaging services.

This allows us to ensure tailor-fit solutions that consider the strategies of our clients and facilitate future growth and adaptability.

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