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Logistics and Warehouses

NIRAS can advise on all aspects of logistics and warehouse design within all areas of the food and beverage industry.

Logistics and warehouse design is crucial to secure stability in production and facilitate future growth. However, many food and beverage companies face challenges in this area.

At NIRAS, we carry out logistics and warehouse projects in all required phases. We advise on the optimisation of logistical and warehouse solutions within all areas of the food and beverage industry, whether it is fish, meat, poultry, dairy, plant-based foods, bakery, ingredients, or beer and beverage.

Thereby, we help them to improve their productivity and contribute to boosting their competitive advantage.

World-leading expertise in logistics challenges

The increasing complexity of food and beverage production plants means that the area of logistics in recent years has become increasingly complex. More and longer supply chains. If not managed correctly, it will lead to bottlenecks, sub-optimal utilisation of assets and costly delays.

At NIRAS, we have many years of experience and expertise in overcoming these challenges. Whether it is optimising goods flow, designing the most optimal green field set-up or how to optimise the triangle in between optimal processes, supporting IT and the organisation, or addressing lack of warehouse capacity – we are able to find a solution.

Advice on all aspects of logistics and warehouse design

NIRAS can advise on all aspects of logistics and warehouse design, from concept, master planning, site logistics, optimisation of internal logistics supported by automation and distribution network design.

We make thorough analyses of the logistics in food and beverage companies and conduct detailed assessments including everything from packing material, necessary personnel and level of automation, fire safety, energy and time efficiency, among other things.

Digital logistics solutions

On the basis of the analysis, our architects and engineers work closely together to design the warehouses to be as logistically efficient, environmentally friendly and considerate of its immediate surroundings as possible.

As part of our logistics and warehouse services, we also include digital simulation models such as our Digital Twin tool, in order to give a concise image of possible challenges before they occur. Thereby, our logistics experts help your company to increase productivity and thereby save time and money.

Our logistics and warehouse services include:

  • Supply chain optimisation, from supplier to end customer
  • Warehouse layout, design, optimisation, automation and tendering
  • Digital Twin / discrete event simulation
  • Optimising goods flow, processes and supporting IT
  • Masterplan
  • Optimal greenfield and warehouse design

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