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HOMIS – Holistic Management Information System

HOMIS ensures coherence in the business between strategy, investment, operation and optimisation.

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HOMIS stands for Holistic Management Information System and is a software product developed by NIRAS. HOMIS, for example, can be configured as any utility's Management Information System and is already used by utilities nationally and internationally for performance management.

HOMIS is based on the Balanced Scorecard – a standard for strategic performance management, which is combined with the management hierarchy and geography, thereby creating a holistic overview of the business for each team and for each geographical area.

HOMIS collects information from many data sources

HOMIS is built on a unique and open structure that makes it easy to integrate with relevant databases that contain information that is necessary and important to create an overview of the current performance level. Therefore, it is possible to collect data from different systems such as operational data, financial data, topology data, investment data, client data and combine these for automatic calculation of key figures across all data sources in one place.

HOMIS analyses correlations between key figures, and benchmarking takes place at all levels in the organisation. For example, this overview makes it easier for a utility's management to ensure coherence between strategy, investment, operation and optimisation.

The system supports ongoing improvements to operations via strategic and operational goals. In this way, HOMIS ensures that improvement initiatives are based on objective decisions based on factual key figures.

HOMIS provides, among other things:

  • Management with direct access to information about the company's condition and development on critical key parameters that no longer require reporting in Excel and the like from the underlying layers of the business
  • Results grouped by technical discipline areas, with the possibility of further division into geographical areas
  • The individual manager the opportunity to document and explain the development of his area of responsibility
  • The capability to retrieve data directly into business systems, including GIS, SRO, ERP, Asset Management, maintenance systems, hydraulic models and other special systems.

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