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HOMIS – Holistic Management Information System

HOMIS is a digital tool developed to monitor your company’s key performance indicators.

HOMIS, short for Holistic Management Information System, is a software product developed by NIRAS. HOMIS may be configured as a Management Information System for any utility company and is currently being used as a performance management tool in multiple countries.

HOMIS is based on Balanced Scorecard – a standard for strategic performance management, which is further combined with management hierarchy and utility topology. The result is a holistic overview of the company’s performance that may be customised to the needs of each department, team or even individual staff members, providing detailed insight across geographical operational areas.

HOMIS collects information

HOMIS is built on a unique and open structure facilitating seamless integration to relevant databases, which contain the necessary information required to build an overview of the current performance level. This enables data collection from different systems such as operations, assets, finance, topology, investment and customer data. HOMIS combines data and automatically calculates performance indicators across multiple data sources.

“The interaction between data from remotely-read smart meters, SCADA, noise loggers and other components in HOMIS enables us to direct our leakage detection activities to the most relevant areas and prioritise our resources”

Kristiane Østergaard Jensen, HOFOR – Greater Copenhagen Utility

"HOMIS ensures company level consistency between strategy, investment, operation and optimisation by collecting relevant data in one system and automatically calculate and report required performance indicators."

Klavs Høgh, Project Director, NIRAS.

HOMIS analyses correlations between performance indicators and offers benchmarking at all organisational levels. The sectorised overview directly assists e.g. the utility management providing an overview ensuring alignment of strategic goals, investments, operation and optimisation initiatives.

The system supports continuous improvements of operations by means of strategic and operational goals. HOMIS thereby ensures improvement measures are based on objective decisions derived from performance indicators.

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  • Web-application supporting Edge, Chrome, FireFox, Opera
  • Implementation as cloud or on-premise solution
  • Visualisation of performance indicators with geographic reference
  • Automatic import of raw data and calculation of performance indicators
  • Benchmarking across geographical areas
  • Analysis of performance indicators both historically and across areas
  • Automatic aggregation of performance indicators over geographic areas
  • Built-in event and alarm management
  • Unlimited users with role management
  • Unlimited performance indicators
  • Unlimited data sources
  • Table and graph functions
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Result reporting and data export


  • Automated leakage monitoring based on SCADA and smart meter data
  • Monitoring of water quality parameters and compliance
  • Automated calculation of GIS-related performance indicators (e.g. pipe material, age, length, etc.)
  • Monitoring and visualising work orders, burst statistics, customer complaints, etc.
  • Integrating results from hydraulic models.

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Klavs Høgh

Project Director

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Janus Hartmeyer Christiansen

Director, International Water & Energy projects an

Allerød, Denmark

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