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Modules for a digital strategy

We can through six modules help you draw up a digital strategy that takes all factors that you and your company needs for your work into account in order to gain the largest value of BIM and digitalization.

Many companies invest large sums of money on BIM-software or -courses in order to optimize their production e.g. through new technologies such as VR, AI and AR.

Common for all is that the companies focus unilaterally on the digital tools and technological innovations. It is rarely enough for the companies to thoroughly display the business potential.

We offer six modules for you to choose between in regards to developing a digital strategy that is relevant for your company:

  1. Strategy

    1. We help you analyse, prepare and optimize your digital/BIM strategy.
  2. Data

    1. You can use your ton of project data to improve the projects, the company and your services. Our consultants help your business find the most effective data strategy, that fits your need.
  3. Clients and market

    1. Our consultants helps you screen the market, so your strategies, goals and development fits the market evolution and your clients wishes and needs.
  4. Processes

    1. Your business processes is the motive force behind the digital tools. We have a method of developing, optimizing and re-engineering the processes, so you can achieve a standardized accession to your services and products. This increases the quality on your projects.
  5. Competence development

    1. In order to complete a digital project your company needs to have the right competencies. We give you access to NIRAS’ learning concepts which is based on peer-to-peer and just-in-time principles. This means that you use your own resources to develop and introduce the BIM-tools to your projects.
  6. Technologies

    1. Choosing digital tools should be consistent with your business procedures. In NIRAS we have experience with many different tools and in cooperation with you, we choose the digital tools that contains the most value for your company.

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