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Digital projection

Digital projection is the backend of BIM. This is where we ensure that the project is coherent.

With digital projection we create the framework for precise and coordinated building models and an intelligent, interdisciplinary cooperation. With our quality assuring tools, we spot errors and incoherence early on in the projection, which makes the project appear well coordinated, coherent and makes it buildable, when we hand over the project to the building owner and the executing parties.

We both build heavy installations and less complex buildings in a BIM environment, where we define building parts, model and add more forms of data, that together makes up a digital representation of the building.

The digital projection is the backend when it comes to designing structured BIM models. This gives among others the base for ensuring coherence in the project material and that you are able to coordinate the interfaces and estimate the time and economy. The digital building models provides the client with a higher quality and a more transparent collaboration with our collaborators.

Systematic processes

We have established a procedure for starting up building models and the way we incorporate different subjects into one overall model. In this way we ensure that the coordination, placement of building parts, space areas and heights and that the common foundation for the building is precise.

We are experts in creating BIM models for constructions, ventilation and fire etc. We have standard configurations for our modelling work for all specialties. This ensures homogeneity across disciplines and projects. This is also where we ensure that the base for incorporating the project material is taken into account. This will be done automatically, whether it is classification codes, naming building parts or system codes.

Systematic processes ensures that we can collaborate with other specialities and incorporate common solutions for interfaces. We ensure i.g. that all agreed hollows are incorporated in the construction project regardless of the hollow being for a door, window or ventilation duct.

Own and interdisciplinary control

Quality assuring is an essential and integrated part of the digital projection. We carry out own control and interdisciplinary control through the projection of both 2D project material and 3D technical models. We have developed tools for this purpose that i.g. captures if a door or wall has moved, if the sketch- and document lists are coherent with the sketches in the model, while also visualizing collisions over time for a more effective communication and follow-up.

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