Ict Management

ICT management

The ICT manager ensures technical focus across all subjects on the project by managing the agreed ICT and BIM deliveries as well as the processes. This way the whole project achieves the optimal value of the used technology.

ICT management is an important and integrated part of the project management.

We put the project in the middle and no matter the project size, the management is the pivotal point for all parts of the project. Therefor the ICT managers primary task is to assist the project management with managing and handling ICT agreement and be in charge of interdisciplinary coordination and arrange agreed deliveries through the entirety of the project,

ICT management is a specialty and a career path. This is why we have developed the company’s own ICT management education, where we share and ensure knowledge through a BIM and ICT specialized network.

Standard processes ensure consistency

The ICT management covers everything from introducing a homogenous naming of documents to time and supply planning in the project.

This is why we have developed a toolbox for the ICT manager in the form of standard processes for all important milestones and activities in the project from start to finish. The ICT manager adjusts and uses the processes in the project in order to ensure a consistent project execution based on NIRAS’ experiences from large project portfolios, that have been converted into a best practice standards.

The toolbox also contains specially developed applications to ensure a high quality in the project - including BIM dashboards, which gives the ICT manager an insight in the technical models’ development and quality.

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