Carbon emissions reduction and climate policies

House in water with grass rooftop

We identify possibilities of reducing the carbon footprint. For industrial and public customers, we strengthen the financial situation and improve the climate at the same time.

NIRAS offers advice on green house gas emission reduction initiatives which can improve sustainability and the financial situation in companies, industries, municipalities and regions. In the initial phases, we help clarify the current situation and identify the focus areas where carbon reduction initiatives are an option. Our consultancy services cover the entire process – from the very start and until we have ensured that you have achieved your carbon target.

We also consult about CO2 compensation, emissions trading, Carbon credits, Afforestation and nature based climate projects. NIRAS has vast experience in creating monitoring, reporting and verification systems in several sectors and countries.

  • CO2 reducing projects
  • Carbon Footprint
  • Emissions trading and CO2 credits
  • Carbon projects, preparation, registration and documentation
  • Measuring, Reporting and Verification (MRV) systems
  • Green House Gas Protocol, Paris Agreement
  • TCFD, CDP and SBTI reporting
  • EU taxonomy