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Project management

We make sure to keep the project on track, so that results are delivered within the set framework, and in in accordance with with GMP. Our experts manage scope, budget, deadlines and risks effectively, just as they handle the cooperation between the various stakeholders.

Project management

Keeping a project on track requires that results are delivered within the set framework. Scope, budget, deadlines and risks are to be managed effectively, as well as the cooperation between the various stakeholders. This can be a challenge for both the project manager and owners, who often find that the process raises several questions:

Do the suppliers and partners keep the agreements that have been entered into? Will the time schedule be kept? How is the money in the project spent properly? Does the size and competencies of the project team fit the tasks? Where do you find independent sparring on professional challenges and possible solutions?

NIRAS project consultants and project managers help Pharma and Life Science companies manage both large and small projects, so that investments in future improvements will yield the best possible results. Our project experts help Life Science companies with financial management, securing supplier agreements and adhering to schedules, as well as they also take responsibility for work packages.

We work on the client's side, we are independent of other stakeholders, and we make sure to support the project owners and management regardless of the type of challenges. Our experts ensure that deliveries, contracts, budget and schedule are in order. They provide professional sparring, lead project teams or work packages in projects - and they deliver results on time.

Experts in project consulting and project management

When a company is facing a large investment, doubts can quickly arise about the various elements of the project such as time schedules, supplier agreements, competencies, etc.

Due to NIRAS's many years of experience with projects in pharma and Life Science projects, including equipment suppliers, contractors and subcontractors, our experts can contribute to making sure that the money is used in the most efficient way when companies want to develop, maintain, upgrade or create new facilities.

We make sure to keep the project on track, so that results are delivered within the set framework. Our experts manage scope, budget, deadlines and risks effectively, just as they handle the cooperation between the various stakeholders. In addition, we have extensive experience in GMP, which also contributes to creating effective and timely solutions to challenges in projects.

Independent user representatives

NIRAS's project consultants form the link between the line of business and engineering. Our clients set up the team themselves and have full control of the project. Our experts provide advice and support independently of other stakeholders in the project:

Taking care of your needs and interests from the user side of the project is the most important task for our project consultants. Our project consultants are on the user side and emphasise if there is something in the project they are not allowed to do or cannot take part in. In this way, we ensure clarity and trust in the collaboration.

Our expertise in project management

Below are examples of types of tasks we have solved:

Work package management in projects

  • Replacement of equipment
  • Establishment of IT/Automation systems or updating of existing solution
  • Serialisation
  • Effective solution of other tasks - we primarily work within clean utility and other areas where GxP experience is crucial.

Management of sub-projects and smaller projects

  • Project management of small and medium-sized projects, e.g. establishment of a quality system
  • Optimisation of production processes and operations
  • Implementation of tools for optimisation – e.g. Continuous Process Verification (CPV)
  • Reconstruction of existing production facilities or laboratories
  • Client consultancy - read more here

Keeping control of projects

  • Project Due Diligence, to avoid unpleasant surprises - read more here
  • Controlling: Budget, schedule and risks in projects
  • Supplier selection and qualification
  • Optimisation of business processes - LEAN, release, document management, production planning, logistics
  • Management of project team

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