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Energy Consultancy in a World of Regulatory Requirements

With deep roots in the life science industry as well as many years of experience with design, execution, and qualification of numerous energy-saving life science projects, NIRAS offers unique, customised energy consulting.

The customer's vision and ambitions is always our point of departure, combined with our thorough understanding and insights into laboratory and production processes, GMP requirements and production-critical conditions.

In addition, sustainability and the UN's 17 Sustainable Development Goals are an integral part of our services, and we take pride in ensuring that the chosen solutions also integrate sustainability.

Among other things, we have implemented energy-saving projects within the following types of projects in the life science industry:

  • Establishment of heat recovery and optimisation of process extraction for tablet production as well as API production and pilot plants
  • Heat recovery from compressed air systems
  • Energy optimisation of cooling and heating systems
  • Energy and operational optimisation of steam systems
  • Establishment of air recycling ventilation systems for aseptic production facilities
  • Air conditioning and ventilation in administration, development and QC laboratories, warehouses, tablet production and packaging

NIRAS can also assist with:

  • Independent energy review of all phases of new projects
  • Energy screening of processes, supply facilities and buildings in existing facilities
  • Statutory energy audits
  • Energy management according to ISO 50001
  • Support regarding legal requirements and subsidy schemes
  • Assistance with technical audits

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