Construction management and work environment coordination

Construction management and work environment coordination

In NIRAS, we focus on the processes that ensure strong and competent building management and that manage work environment and safety through all phases of the building projects.

Good and competent building management is essential when you work with building projects. Building management ensures that building activities can proceed as smooth as possible. Our building management creates the optimal conditions under which our clients’ projects can progress as planned.

In NIRAS, we consult our clients about building management and work environment co-ordination in both design- and execution processes. Lean-methods are among the most important management tools and work methods we will use when we work with building management and work environment. It ensures professional building management and centralises focus on a safe work environment through all phases of the building project.

NIRAS is an authorised work environment consultant. This means that we can consult and guide companies that receive all kinds of consultancy notices by the Danish Working Environment Authority.

Building management with a focus on time, economy, and quality

When we provide building management to a project or a building activity, it is important for us to adhere to the initial agreements and the framework. To us, good building management means ensuring compliance with the agreed-upon time frame, budget, and last but not least ensure that the desired quality is maintained.

This means that with our expertise within the field of building management, we can help our clients reach the finish line with their building projects. If situations that acquire adjustments should occur, we will handle them as a part of NIRAS’ building management.

In NIRAS, we are specialised in devising calculations and the construction project’s financials, including cost estimates, completing budget presentations and follow ups, as well as sparring along the way about adherence to the project’s budget. This means that you’ll cross the finish line safely.

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