Indonesian Green Shipping Market Study


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NIRAS has assisted Royal Norwegian Embassy in Jakarta with delivering a comprehensive study to provide tools and frameworks for the Norwegian embassy to encourage and support Norwegian firms to enter the green shipping sector in Indonesia.

April 10, 2024
  • SECTORS: Ports & Marine
  • COUNTRIES: Indonesia
  • CLIENT: Royal Norwegian Embassy

“It’s a golden moment for Norwegian companies wishing to promote and develop environmentally friendly shipping practices in Indonesia. Maritime transport could contribute to 17% of global GHG in 2050 with no mitigating actions and therefore we need to take immediate and sustained actions and kick-start our journey towards energy efficient and renewable energy in the maritime shipping industry,” explains Adam Sharp, Project Manager in NIRAS. 

Golden moment for Norway

The study identified potential business prospects for Norwegian companies wishing to promote and develop environmentally friendly shipping practices in Indonesia. There is a significant potential across the green shipping supply chains in Indonesia, given the country's extensive coastline and strategic location on deep-sea trade routes, to develop economies of scale and create jobs in the maritime industry.

Three key sectors for growth

The study identified three key sectors for growth, identifying market potential, policy frameworks, opportunities and constraints as well as market entry pathways.

Broad opportunities include the potential for green shipbuilding and conversion, green port infrastructure and port operations, and as an international bunkering hub for zero carbon fuels.

Indonesian Green Shipping Market Study 2

Definition of Green shipping

Green shipping, also known as sustainable shipping or eco-friendly shipping, refers to the conscious implementation of practices, strategies and technologies deployed in the shipping industry to reduce its impact on the environment, reducing pollutant and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and promoting global maritime sustainability.

Green shipping encompasses a range of strategies and measures aimed at improving the environmental performance of ships, shipping operations and the broader maritime supply chain. These initiatives are designed to improve energy efficiency, reduce fuel consumption, limit air and water pollution, and conserve marine ecosystems.

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