people in work wear at WBL training

From hobby to profession: one welder's story

After undergoing on-the-job training as part of the E2E programme in Serbia, this young man managed to align his passion with his career

man and woman kneeling in the grass

The early adopter bringing others on board

After receiving help to improve his dairy farming enterprise, Gilbert Mweemba wants to give back by teaching his rural neighbours everything he knows

people at a plantation farm

With practical hands-on advice, South Sudanese farmers are finally seeing returns

Working side by side with farmers, a local agribusiness support service showcases the potential for success.

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Four women providing business answers to Africa’s challenges – with a little help from FemBioBiz

The four women entrepreneurs who won Season 2 of the NEPAD SANBio FemBioBiz Programme in 2018 all have one thing in common: the drive to find innovative solutions through business.

man in helmet working a machine

Youth employment programme benefits the unemployed and local businesses alike

While the From Education to Employment Programme focuses on raising the employability and creating employment for Serbian youths, the approach it takes also benefits the local business partners, such as the Silikon Komerc Company in Kruševac.

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A simple intervention to minimise fodder wastage improves smallholder farmer's productivity

The Zambia Dairy Transformation Programme is drawing on international skills and experience to improve the lives of smallholder dairy farmers in Central and Copperbelt Provinces. For one farmer and her family, a simple new system is having an impressive impact.

Group photo of attendees at the FemBioBiz national competition in Zambia

FemBioBiz country coordinator leads by example to empower women entrepreneurs in Zambia

In a bid to keep supporting women-owned businesses after donor funding came to an end, WECREATE Executive Director Nambula Kachumi led the organisation’s transition to a social enterprise and found a sustainable business model that serves as an example to the women they help.

African farmers on farm

How a programme in Western Kenya changed hundreds of thousands of lives

NIRAS has been part of improving the livelihoods of up to half a million people through the now completed Programme for Agriculture and Livelihoods of Western Communities (PALWECO).

Portrait of a man

Land registration opens a door to further opportunity

After getting their second-level land certification, Adamu Tilaneh and his wife, Haimanot Abie Belay, were able to finance their new business.

African man tending vanilla crop

Farmer gives back after the Community Forests Pemba project helped save his crop

After the team from a local project help save Kibano Omar Kibano’s vanilla crop, he joined the EU-funded programme and uses the training he received to train others.

Man checking on cucumber harvest

Safe and sustainable agriculture pays off for one Cambodia cucumber farmer

The Core Agriculture Support Programme (CASP II) agriculture project is transforming the Great Mekong Subregion into a hub for safe and sustainable agricultural products. One farmer recounts how his prospects have improved.

Young man at an automotive workshop

Education to Employment (E2E) helps hard-to-place youth find employment and acceptance

It was impossible for Semin Dolovac to find a job until an E2E-arranged training programme and his hard work gave him the chance he needed.

Smiling woman

AgroBIG helped me get better prices for my potatoes

The Finnish Ministry for Foreign Affairs’ joint initiative with the Government of Ethiopia – AgroBIG – is making a difference by giving women entrepreneurs a chance to succeed ... particularly in the life of one woman potato wholesaler.

Female baker preparing cakes at bakery

Serbian women bake for sweet empowerment and a life without violence

Despite various laws in place to protect domestic violence victims in Serbia, the reality on the ground means that women like 23-year-old Kristina can’t easily escape abusive husbands. But by giving her on-the-job training, the From Education to Employment (E2E) programme has given her - and other marginalised individuals - a shot at a new life.