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On-demand technical assistance to support Swedish development cooperation in the education sector

NIRAS is providing education and skills development experts as part of call-off assignments under the Sida framework agreement.

Ensuring peaceful and inclusive societies globally through a two-year framework contract

As part of the Policy Framework for Swedish Development Cooperation and Humanitarian Aid, together with Ecorys and PRIO, NIRAS has been contracted to implement Sida’s Framework Agreement on Peace and Human Security running from 2020–2022.

Improving economic efficiencies, productivity and living standards in four Tanzanian cities

Over the course of six months, NIRAS developed local economic development strategies for Mbeya, Tanga, Arusha and Mtwara to ensure better management of the urbanisation process.

Investments in forests and sustainable land use

The Partnership for Forests (P4F) mobilises the public and private sectors to generate increased private investments in sustainable forestry. LTS-NIRAS is implementing an evaluation and learning framework within P4F to produce evidence and support learning and adaptive management.

Global monitoring, evaluation and learning in the Conflict Stability and Security Fund

A global fund that provides programmatic support to countries at risk of conflict or instability, CSSF is one of the few UK Government funds to deliver a range of priorities as well as providing support to security, defence, peacekeeping, peacebuilding and stabilisation activity.

Research fairness and equitable partnership within the Global Challenges Research Fund

NIRAS-LTS is contributing to a five-year evaluation – led by ITAD Ltd – of the £1.5 billion GCRF to support cutting-edge, world-class research addressing the challenges faced by low- and middle-income countries.

Creating 100,000 new jobs in Africa by investing in private companies and ­public infrastructure

The “Investing for Employment” Facility will support both public and private entities to support the creation of decent employment in seven African countries, helping to meet the coming demand for work as the continent’s population grows.

Climate vulnerability study helps prioritise investments in four Cambodian cities

In examining risk related to climate change, the project made recommendations for effective adaptation strategies, resilient infrastructure and inclusive urban development.

Mobilising communities to manage solid waste and play a greater role in creating a greener, healthier and more liveable environment

In support of the Mandalay Green City Agenda, NIRAS is rolling out pilot projects to active city dwellers in waste management and raise awareness about the interlinkages between solid waste, climate change, flooding, sanitation, and health.

Meta-evaluation of the Renewable Energy Portfolio

Over a four-and-a-half-year period, LTS-NIRAS will be conducting a meta-evaluation of the Children’s Investment Fund Foundation’s (CIFF’s) Renewable Energy Portfolio.

Financing facility backs bankable projects improving access to clean drinking water and ­improved sanitation in ­Southern Africa

NIRAS is providing technical assistance to the SADC Water Fund, building its capacity to oversee complex water infrastructure projects across the region while building greater integration.

A participatory, iterative and adaptive developmental evaluation of the Ford Foundation’s BUILD model

NIRAS is providing real-time feedback for learning and programme adjustments to the grant-making programme to ensure its efforts to strengthen social justice and equality are on track.

Ensuring £1.2 billion fund delivers on its promise to support inclusive growth in middle-income countries

LTS-NIRAS is leading the design and implementation of evaluation and learning services for the UK’s Prosperity Fund and its 24 related programmes.

Burkina Faso private sector development programme increases productivity and added value of agricultural incomes

Agri-Business Fund enables businesses to scale up and create more jobs though training, advice and increased to financial credit.

Solar panels on a field

Untapping Bolivia’s energy efficiency potential

Following a successful initial phase, NIRAS IP Consult is continuing its work to increase renewable energy and enhance energy efficiency in Bolivia through organisational cooperation and consultancy as well as educational measures in the field.

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Supporting Chad in reaching its goals of improving sustainable access to irrigated land and diversifying production systems

A team of NIRAS experts developed a baseline study to enable future measurement of progress in the nation’s food and nutrition programme to improve livelihoods, fight malnutrition, and increase food security.

Women standing around waterhole

From market gardens to fish farms, assessing a project’s impact on the lives of people along the inner delta of the Niger River

Following a long history of cooperation, NIRAS continues to support Sweden in its work to promote the sustainable management of natural resources in Mali.

Truck driving near small river

Modernising Cambodia’s hydraulic and irrigation systems and practices

The four-year WAT4CAM project is helping to upgrade outdated infrastructure and taking the opportunity to support innovative, climate-friendly farming.

people standing in an unfinished house

Bringing renewable energy-­powered electricity to a Liberian coastal community

A team of experts investigated the feasibility of establishing a small, EU-funded hydropower plant in Sinoe Rapids, an hour or so inland from Greenville City.

portrait of a woman

Promoting family farming as a means to tackle poverty, improve rural livelihoods and decrease childhood malnutrition

This EU-funded project aims to verify how ­Guatemala tracks the performance of its national programme to support subsistence farmers and strengthen government capacity to monitor and improve its interventions going forward.


Improving the lives of local communities through public sanitation works and treatment of erosion in Congo

Multiple feasibility studies are being prepared laying the groundwork for the implementation of the EU’s Resilient Cities programme in Nkayi and Owando, two cities facing similiar modernisation challenges.

three women at a panel

Promoting gender mainstreaming and greater equality between women and men in Kosovo

In its fourth and final year supporting the national Agency for Gender Equality, this Sida-funded project has delivered several successes in the fight to address ­imbalances between the sexes.

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Optimising the effectiveness and efficiency of EU support to Central American integration efforts

EU-funded programme’s two-track focus builds the institutional capacity of the Central American Integration System and showcases EU activities that support regional integration and cooperation between Europe and Central America.

people on coastal side

Strengthening Guyana’s ­natural defences against effects of climate change while mitigating the risk of disasters

A team of climate change and ­environmental experts worked with regulators to develop legislative packages supporting the country’s integrated coastal zone management efforts, ensuring stakeholder engagement throughout the process.


Improving the quality and ­efficiency of the justice ­sector and strengthening the rule of law in Ethiopia

In making its processes more consultative and addressing challenges related to investigation, prosecution, adjudication, and detention, Ethiopia’s criminal justice system is undergoing serious reform with support from the EU.

men looking at sprouting plants

Generating sustainable rural income and restoring priority degraded forest areas

By promoting the growth of small and medium commercial tree plantations, the Planted Forest Grant Scheme hopes to energise Mozambique's forestry sector and enhance local livelihoods while mitigating climate change.

Group photo EU

Enhancing implementation of the SDGs and effectiveness of EU aid

An assignment under FWC SIEA 2018- Lot 3 (Human Rights, Democracy and Peace), NIRAS provided a Technical Assistance Facility to support DG DEVCO, the EU Delegations and Member State embassies in integrating Agenda 2030 into Joint Programming efforts.

people working together to build something

Contributing to the improvement of employment and income-­ generating opportunities for youth in Ethiopia

For 20 years, the German Financial ­Cooperation with Ethiopia has been supporting efforts to make vocational training more demand-driven. Phase IV of the Vocational Education and Agricultural Training Programme continues to develop skills and competences that meet the needs of economic and social sectors for employment and self-employment.

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Enhancing innovation networks and facilitating cross-border collaboration in Southern Africa

The Southern African Innovation Support (SAIS) programme contributes to the growth of new businesses through strengthened innovation ecosystems and sharing of good practice among innovation role-players in the SADC region.

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Financing facility funds skills development projects in eight African countries

Supported by the German Government, this African Union Commission (AUC) initiative aims to strengthen the occupational prospects of young people in Africa.

Woman pouring bucket of water into container

Innovative capacity-building programme mainstreams climate change adaptation and disaster risk management into water supply and sanitation

Integrating vulnerability and resilience into Cambodia’ rural water supply and sanitation investment plans will ensure infrastructure sustainability

Woman working in Cambodian rice field

Building an inclusive and sustainable agricultural sector in Cambodia

As part of a larger European Union effort to support Cambodian agriculture, this programme focussed on harmonising fisheries and livestock policy and law, improving product quality, and building capacity across the sector

people sitting around a table

Supporting a vibrant private sector in Zambia by focussing on micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises

The Accelerated Growth for SMEs (AGS) in Zambia programme supports MSME entrepreneurs in extending, developing and internationalising their businesses

At the intersection of livelihoods and the environment in Laos

The Agro-Biodiversity Initiative helped farmers to find new livelihoods and sources of income while simultaneously improving sustainable land management practices

Big tree stubs

Reducing the impact of China’s international trade in forest products

The China-UK Collaboration on International Forest Investment and Trade (InFIT) is a multiyear programme promoting verification systems and encouraging collaboration between stakeholders

group photo in Ukraine

NIRAS to oversee €400M loan to strengthen Ukraine’s agri-food sector

In a bid to boost productivity and competitiveness in the cereals, oilseeds and fisheries value chains, the EIB strengthens access to credit for mid-caps and SMEs

Two people picking pomegranate

Supporting the farmers of northern Cyprus – with finance and in the fields

Farm Advisory Services were established to support the economic development of the agriculture sector by both providing expert advice and facilitating access to EU grant funding

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Transforming agricultural production in Kenya

By increasing productivity, improving entrepreneurial skills, providing access to markets, and strengthening coordination within the agricultural sector, the Agricultural Sector Development Support Programme seeks to create opportunities for the poor to support themselves

landscape photo of a lake in front of a rain forest

Protecting the Amazon by promoting sustainable forest management

By creating national forests within regions vulnerable to rampant deforestation, Brazil is working to promote sustainable economic development while protecting precious forest resources

Green landscape photo

Supporting economically and ecologically sustainable growth in Indonesia

The Green Economic Growth Programme in Papua Provinces will help develop green businesses and support small-holder farmers and entrepreneurs, while protecting the area's vulnerable forests


Strengthening gender relations in rural farming communities across Africa

LTS, part of the NIRAS group, carried out extensive gender action research to assess and document methods used in a climate-smart agri project to improve intra-household decision-making and the efficiency of household resource allocations

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Keeping an eye on forest degradation – from space

By taking advantage of satellite data, our team is developing new tools and methods to monitor and map tropical dry forest degradation and deforestation and piloting them in Mozambique and Zambia

sandy coast of lake Nabugabo

Strengthening economies, ecosystems, and communities in East Africa

The PREPARED programme was a landscape-scale set of interventions in East Africa, focussing on freshwater biodiversity, transboundary freshwater ecosystems, and communities in the Lake Victoria Basin

Aerial view of rain forest with a foggy horizon

Bringing conservation finance to sustainable forestry in Borneo

The Sustainable Forest and Biodiversity Management in Borneo (SFBMB) project worked to strengthen local capacity to conserve forests and endangered species by applying conservation financing mechanisms and empowering local communities to plan and manage their resources sustainably

Nepalese women standing in a line

Two funds helping to protect the environment

LTS International, the newest addition to the NIRAS Group, manages two funds aimed at helping the environment – one focused on halting biodiversity loss and the other on putting a stop to the illegal wildlife trade

group of men having tea in the Nepalese landscape

Measuring results to ensure sustainable development in Nepal

Inclusive growth programmes can only be effective long-term if their impact can be measured and plans adjusted accordingly. NIRAS's comprehensive monitoring and results measurement system enables ongoing learning and improvement in this Nepali project

An elephant behind a wooden fence

A multi-level approach to biodiversity conservation in ASEAN

The Biodiversity Conservation and Management of Protected Areas in ASEAN (BCAMP) project works to address complex environmental challenges and curb biodiversity loss

Four men standing in a field

Tried and tested green innovations improve agriculture in Ethiopia

Certified seeds, crop rotation, the use of a combine harvester, and other innovations like these have been out of reach for many poor farmers in rural Ethiopia. Introducing them to these farmers is a fast and guaranteed way to increase their productivity and income.

Aerial view of Ethiopian landscape

Land tenure security and economic interventions for inclusive economic growth

To help bring about the success of Ethiopia’s Growth Transformation Plan, the LIFT project stimulates economic growth in four regional states through a combination of second-level land certification and M4P interventions aimed at improving incomes and incentivising investment.

Goats grazing

Albanian authorities combat livestock diseases to increase trade with the EU

An EU-funded project has assisted Albanian authorities and veterinarians in their efforts to eradicate several diseases threatening Albanian farm animals, improve public health, and give farmers more opportunities to enter the lucrative EU market.

Man using a tool to measure the width of a tree trunk

Protecting Mongolia's forests through improved livelihoods

Mongolia makes use of forest user groups to protect its 10.8 million hectares of forest cover. They are helping to curb illegal logging and forest fires, but if they’re to thrive in the long term, the local members of these groups need to see improved returns for their activities.

group of people standing in a big facility

Supporting Turkey in building a disaster resilient society

NIRAS provides technical assistance and capacity building to Turkey’s national disaster and emergency management.

Group photo of people at a project closing event

NIRAS completes project on protection of marine environment in Turkey

NIRAS Poland successfully completed 2-year project aimed at achieving Good Environmental Status in Turkey’s marine environment in alignment with the EU.

People sitting around tables at seminar

Enabling civil society to strengthen Macedonia’s democracy

Civica Mobilitas has helped civil society organisations in Macedonia bring about several social reforms by means of providing funding, capacity building, facilitation, and mentoring to its grantees.

Men loading trailer with tree trunks in forest

Joining the forests’ fight for survival in Morocco

The Kingdom of Morocco ranks second for biodiversity in the Mediterranean region, but its forests, the habitats for most of its endemic species, are under threat. The High Commission for Water, Forests, and the Fight against Desertification is taking action to protect this precious resource.

Fisherman pulling a fishing net in water

NIRAS supports climate change adaption in Mozambique

Mozambique is among the ten countries most vulnerable to climate change. Through its involvement in the Environment Sector Programme Support (ESPS) project, NIRAS helped the country and people of Mozambique prepare for climate change through a variety of adaption strategies.

Three African women processing grain in a mill

Funding innovations to bring electricity where the grid can’t go in Benin

The majority of Benin’s population has no access to power, while challenges to maintaining the current grid makes expansion increasingly unlikely. A new Challenge Fund has the potential to enable players in the private sector to provide electricity where the grid can’t go.

Two men sitting at desk looking towards what another man are pointing at

A different approach to skills development

To address a shortage of skilled workers in Ghana, Danida launched a demand-based skills development project, which has proven to be so successful that other African countries want to follow its example.

People at event

Sowing the seeds for an entrepreneurship and innovation ecosystem

The Viet Nam – Finland Innovation Partnership Programme was launched to lay the foundations for a national entrepreneurship and innovation ecosystem that will foster entrepreneurship and sustainable economic growth.

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Forest management information system in Viet Nam ensures sustainability by providing up-to-date information

The efficient protection of Viet Nam’s forest resources requires accurate, up-to-date information in order to make sustainable management decisions. The widespread use of a standard management information system – FORMIS II– offers the answer.

Three men cooking outside

Greater Mekong Subregion champions safe, climate-friendly and inclusive agri-products

Technical training, market access, and improved regional policy networks accelerate the development of climate-friendly agricultural value chains under the Core Agriculture Support Programme, phase II.

Group of people reviewing land parcel boundaries in Ethiopia

Land registration: the foundation of sustainable development in Ethiopia

REILA's goal was launched in 2011 to establish an efficient, transparent, and equitable system for land registration. The REILA project was so successful that the Government of Ethiopia formally adopted REILA’s registration system as their method of choice in land administration activities. REILA II has just been launched and runs until 2021.

The National Assembly of Mali

Strengthening a democracy from its foundation

The Malian crisis in 2012 revealed deep and dangerous rifts in the fabric of its democracy, resulting in civil unrest and a coup d’etat. With support from DANIDA, Mali is rebuilding its government and addressing the old fractures in order to build a stronger democracy for the future.

Group of women sitting with notepads

Stronger through partnership: building a bioscience knowledge economy in Southern Africa

SANBio is a Southern African network designed to stimulate the growth of a bioscience knowledge economy between 13 countries. The resulting networking and partnership activities could one day lead to the discovery of scientific solutions to some of Africa’s most enduring problems.

Women sitting and listening

Focusing on market-driven value chains to improve farming livelihoods in Tajikistan

A World Bank loan and technical assistance from NIRAS are helping to commercialise the agricultural sector in Tajikistan and improve stakeholders’ livelihoods by increasing the quality of Tajik products in selected value chains and making them more marketable to buyers.

Two African women bagging vegetables by a stall

Business training and market access help increase pay-offs in Ethiopian agricultural value chains

Over 300,000 Ethiopian farmers and their household members, agricultural cooperatives, associations, and other stakeholders in the agriculture industry are benefitting from AgroBIG Phase II, which builds business skills and market linkages to improve farmers' livelihoods.

Indonesian elders sitting on the floor against a wall

Setting boundaries for a brighter future

To address the problem of village boundaries breaking down due to the lack of an accurate transfer of information, NIRAS and local partner SEKALA were tasked with mapping 82 village boundaries in Riau Province in only 42 weeks.

EEP banners

Improving access to sustainable energy while mitigating global climate change in the Mekong Region

EEP Mekong was launched in an effort to enhance the development of renewable energy and energy efficiency solutions in the Greater Mekong Subregion as viable alternatives fossil fuel-based energy

Adults and children sitting on blanket on the ground

EU Establishing a Help Desk to implement the use of the human rights-Based approach in development cooperation

The EU is shifting its focus in development cooperation to ensure the integration of human rights into every phase of its projects. The Directorate-General for International Cooperation and Development (DG DEVCO) is implementing a human rights-based approach in all future EU development cooperation, with NIRAS offering technical assistance.

People standing outside the Justice Palace in Mozambique

Building palaces for justice in Mozambique

The lack of infrastructure dedicated to practicing the laws of Mozambique has made it almost impossible for an average Mozambican to access the formal judiciary. By providing technical assistance to the building of two palaces of justice, NIRAS helped to bring the court closer to the people of the Guro and Nampula districts.

Three African women working outside

Chicken, tea and maize create jobs in rural Mali, helping reduce emigration

NIRAS is helping to create agriculture sector jobs in the West African country of Mali. This creates opportunities for young people in particular, enabling them to avoid the tough decision of leaving their rural homes in search of employment elsewhere.

People brainstorming using posters

Applying local adaptation to climate change in two African countries

NIRAS supports local adaptation to climate change in Mozambique and São Tomé e Príncipe through international development projects.

Cows with ear marks standing in cattle cages

Sowing seeds to help Georgia’s agriculture industry grow

The joint Danish-Swiss Regional Economic Development programme was launched in southern Georgia in 2012. The five years that followed saw the development of infrastructure and the strengthening of value chains, and now stakeholders in the agriculture industry are picking the fruits of their efforts.

Exhibition at museum

NIRAS increases academic dialogue between Denmark and MENA-countries

NIRAS has successfully finalised project supporting academic cooperation and dialogue between Denmark and the Middle East and North Africa region.

People sitting in conference room

NIRAS helps develop Direct Power Purchase Agreements in Vietnam

The facilitation of more direct trading between renewable energy providers and private sector consumers will help Vietnam become greener.

Men in rain ponchos looking at tablet

NIRAS manages the Core Environment Program, phase II (CEP II) for the Asian Development Bank

The Core Environment Program aims at improving biodiversity conservation and climate resilience across the GMS countries of Cambodia, Lao PDR, Myanmar, PRC, Thailand and Vietnam.

Woman speaking at conference

Strengthen sustainability and well-being in SEA: BCAMP Project is in full swing

The BCAMP project aims at supporting the ASEAN member countries’ efforts in biodiversity conservation and sustainable management.

Three EU flags

NIRAS’ experts support the European Commission in its work on gender equality and women’s empowerment

The Gender Advisory Service is a support desk managed by NIRAS that assists the European Commission in successfully implementing its framework for promoting gender equality in its partner countries: The Gender Action Plan.

Myanmarese people sitting on floor in house village

Enhancing Rural Livelihoods and Income Project (ERLIP) in Ywangan township in Myanmar

Community driven development leading to a safer life and improved market access for villagers.

Cow sick with lumpy skin disease

Technical assistance helped Kosovo contain animal-borne diseases

Farm animals in Kosovo have been plagued by infectious diseases for decades. The diseases hurt rural economies, and some are able to transfer to humans. To help curb them, NIRAS provided expertise and support to local authorities in their quest to protect the country's animals.

Female NIRAS employee inspecting a check-dam in Ethiopia with local farmers

Community members report multiple benefits from Tana Beles watershed project in Ethiopia

The Tana Beles watershed project in Ethiopia has become a regional role model., creating benefits for the entire community - poor and rich, young and old, workers and unemployed, as well as disabled people. Some share their story.

People sitting and discussing at conference tables

NIRAS manages 40 million USD in Funds to support off grid renewable electrification in Benin

The Off Grid Clean Energy Facility (OCEF) was launched this year and will distribute funds to international and national firms and non-for-profit organisations over the next 5 years.

Dragor River in Bitola

More than 240,000 Macedonians benefit from the investments in wastewater treatment facilities

NIRAS and its consortium partners conducted studies to jumpstart improvements to wastewater infrastructure and living conditions in three municipalities of Macedonia. These measures were funded as part of the EU’s push to support improvements to the environmental sector.

Three African people standing by a tree

Legal aid secures everyday justice for everyday problems in Tanzania

Five years of funds management and support to NGOs providing legal aid in Tanzania has paid off. The country now boasts nationwide access to trained paralegals and greater awareness about the importance of securing legal rights for vulnerable groups in society.

Think Tank Initiative logo

TTI External Evaluation

NIRAS has been contracted by IDRC to carry out an external evaluation of the Think Tank Initiative (TTI) phase 2. The evaluation period is from January 2015-June 2019.

View over city with large lake and blooming flowers

Mainstreaming gender equality into budget programming

After seven years of work in implementing gender-responsive budgeting (GRB) in Ukraine, efforts at all levels of government have yielded significant results.

People in fine clothes standing in office

Lifelong learning thanks to better education

NIRAS supports the Ministry of Education in the implementation of Vocational Education and Training (VET) program in Azerbaijan.

Niras employee and Uganda coffee farmer picks coffee beans

Prosperity smells like fresh coffee

Ugandan coffee farmers will earn more money when NIRAS helps farming families to produce high-quality coffee for export. Consequently, coffee farmers are trained to combat climate change that threatens coffee production in the area.

African woman standing on scene

Funds for Information Society development

Innovation Fund supports emerging entrepreneurs and stimulate the development of innovative technology products and services in Tanzania.

Old woman and man greeting each other

Approximately 160 civilian experts deployed each year by Denmark to support stabilisation and capacity-building efforts in fragile states around the world

The Peace and Stabilisation Response (PSR) is an emergency roster managed by NIRAS under the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) that can be used to deploy civilian experts to hotspots where stabilisation, peacekeeping and democracy-building efforts are needed.

People sitting around an oval table

Youth skills development and public private partnership

E2E has created a network of local partners who act as bridge-builders between the youth, companies and training providers.

African men farming a field

Public-private dialogue for local investments and business promotion

Tanzania's tax base is small and the country grapples with high levels of poverty. The Local Investment Climate Programme aims to reduce regulatory and economic barriers facing the private sector and create an economic environment in which businesses can grow and thrive.

Lake in savannah landscape

Plan for the water use of Shire River in Malawi

The basin development project assists the Government of Malawi in developing an integrated multi-sectoral Shire River Basin Plan based on extensive analytical and stakeholder inputs.

Large river in mountain landscape

Protecting millions of lives in Myanmar through large-scale hydrometeorological systems integration

The Ayeyarwady Integrated River Basin Management (AIRBM) Project seeks to improve the livelihoods of millions of poor people who are susceptible to water-related disasters in Myanmar. NIRAS is leading the way on integrating and modernizing the region’s complex hydrometeorology systems.

A herd of cows and camels

More than 250 EU FWCs completed by NIRAS in over 100 countries

NIRAS has managed EU FWCs since 2000, implementing more than 250 short-term assignments worth more than €30 million in over 100 countries. These projects, which span many sectors, seek to reduce poverty, ensure sustainable development, and promote democracy, peace, and security.

Children playing chess on blue table

Top-quality evaluations for Sida

NIRAS manages and undertakes evaluations and provision of evaluation-related services for Sida.

Africans gathered in a circle

Mission accomplished even in a war

The war in South Sudan broke out six weeks after the Water for Eastern Equatoria Programme officially launched, forcing the team to rapidly adapt their methods to ensure the fulfilment of their mandate