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Smart Ports and Green Ports

We provide multi-disciplinary planning and engineering consultancy services to port operators, owners and authorities wanting to realise the potential of smart and green technology in their ports and terminals.

Smart port solutions

We have been delivering innovative maritime solutions for ports globally for over 60 years. Our collaborative and flexible culture enables us to
provide tailored solutions to a port’s development, asset management and operations. It is because of this unique service that many of our clients have been choosing NIRAS as their preferred consultancy service provider for many years and for numerous projects.

We are an international consultancy with strong Scandinavian roots that undertake projects globally. We have an extensive network of offices throughout Northern Europe, Scandinavia, Asia and Africa, as well as presence in North and South America. Our maritime services are delivered from key centres of expertise in the UK, Denmark, UAE, Indonesia and The Philippines.

At the forefront of smart port technology

The solutions offered for green ports and smart ports are numerous and developing all the time. Many of our specialists are leading experts in their fields, providing the latest in trusted bespoke advice to our clients. We are dedicated to providing a best in class service and in this regard we have built up a network of specialist partners to perfectly complement our strong in-house offering.

We provide our clients with access to world class expertise in the development of smart and green technology, which varies from specialist providers of port equipment, such as smart electronic plant, to unique services such as laser scanning of port structures. All this forms part of an integrated plan, which ranges from expert port data analytics to software providers, as well as future planning in the form of smart and green ports masterplans. In short, we deliver all solutions to realise a port’s sustainable potential.

Smart Ports and Green Ports

Realising your Smart Port Potential

Smart port services

Smart and Green Port Masterplans

Providing master development plans for integrating smart and green technology into the port as part of a port’s overall masterplan.

Digital Asset Management

Digitalisation of asset management including the acquisition, storage and handling of data.

Simulation Modelling

Development of simulation modelling of a port to capture all live and historic data for a port as well as preparing digital twin models to assess new and improved methods of working.

Data Analytics

Provision of tools and services to review data collected on existing port operations with a view to optimising cargo flows, maintenance regimes and increasing overall port efficiency.

Green Energy Transition

Development of green energy initiatives such as installation of wind turbines, solar panels, ground source heat pumps and the transition to alternative fuels.

Carbon Footprint Assessment

Calculations to determine the carbon and environmental footprint of a port’s operations or construction project.

Specialist Support Services

Dedicated and impartial consultancy services on a wide range of specific smart port solutions that can make a real positive impact on a port’s operation.

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