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Graduate profiles

Former graduates, who now contribute in the industry

Fazil Hussain Akbar

Fazil Hussain is a Mechanical Engineer with a specialization in Construction Engineering and Design.

Based on his education and work, he has gained practical experience with radiation sterilization, optimization of sterilization processes and project management. Fazil Hussain is a graduate of Team 6 and he works with project management and CAD design, among other things.

”I have a quality awareness mindset, I am handy and I am incredibly curious to learn new things. I am almost always in a good mood and I believe that collegial sparring and cooperation is an important prerequisite for creating and developing good results"

Karoline Westphal Jensen

Karoline is a trained car mechanic and production technologist with a focus on optimisation.

As a graduate of Team 6, Karoline works with project management, validation and as a personal assistant.

”I am a detail-oriented person with a positive mindset and a smile. When it comes to interdisciplinary work or when responsibility has to be taken, I am in and I dare to accept challenges”

Thor Pedersen

Thor is trained in Automation Technology and he has primarily worked with PLC, SCADA and Project Management.

Based on his education and work, he has gained practical experience with SCADA systems, data logging and counselling on various solutions.

As a graduate of Team 6, Thor works with tasks within compliance, coordination and project management within GMP.

”I thrive in a challenging everyday life where things move quickly. I enjoy dealing with a variety of different people and being in touch with many facets of projects. Running fast suits me, and I find it rewarding to have contact with a lot of people.”

Alberte Paarup

Alberte is trained as a Production Engineer, and is a graduate at Team 5. Based on her education, she has gained a basic and practical understanding of the process from raw material to final product. Alberte focuses primarily on process optimization and solving complex problems that ensures the best results.

"The Graduate programme gives me an extraordinary opportunity to kick-start my career and give me access to many different situations, which are completely unique. As a person, I thrive in an everyday life with many challenges and great variety. I always take responsibility for my tasks and never compromise on quality. With me as team member I ensure progress and a good community.”

Christian Carlos Hansen

Christian is a Civil Engineer in Construction Technology from DTU.

As a graduate at Team 5, Christian works with project management on larger construction projects (>200 million DKK), and has, among other things, been a package owner for electricity, IT, HVAC, BMS and 3D recording.

During the process, Christian has also been overall project manager on smaller projects (<10 million DKK), within management of finances, schedules and StG presentations.

“I'm good at making things happen! This usually happens by identifying the right stakeholders and asking the right questions, with a focus on safety and quality. I am motivated by challenges and appreciate to achieve the "impossible".

Andreas Bjørn Schøning Jensen

Andreas is a Bachelor of Engineering from DTU and has production-related, professional experience as an operator at Radiometer and an internship at Chr. Hansen.

As a graduate of Team 4, Andreas worked as coordinator in relation to validation of room classification on a customer project. Here he was able to benefit from his diplomatic communication skills which he had gained through voluntary work as a scout group leader

"I am a solution-oriented seeker of compromise, with a great desire to help my colleagues. I am at my best when I can make plans and contribute with systems that optimise processes."

Kristine Christensen Leere

Kristine is a trained Pharmacist with specialization in Animal Science and Toxicology. Based on her education and work, she has gained practical experience with laboratory work, sterile filling and design of studies.

Kristine was a graduate of Team 3 and she worked with validation and environmental monitoring in sterile and classified areas.

”I am a detail-oriented person, with a smile on my face and a lot of drive. I believe that a strong interdisciplinary collaboration is a prerequisite for solving the task optimally. I thrive on   responsibility and I appreciate to optimize processes by using a combination of professional knowledge and creativity”.

Monica Todorova Salari Skjøtt

Monica is a Civil Engineer in Pharmaceutical Technology from DTU and she was trained to work in the pharmaceutical and food industry.

Monica was a graduate of Team 2 and today she has more than 5 years of experience within GMP. Today, she works with CAPEX projects and her skills in qualification, validation and project management are being fine-tuned.

"I love that I have the opportunity to find work in an area that is not close to my specialist area. It means that I can further develop myself and gain new skills. With this programme I have got a better idea of ​​what I want to work with, and I finally found my spot in the world.

Alexander Hassan

Alexander is a Bachelor of Engineering in export and technology.

As a graduate of Team 3, he solved tasks within IT & Automation. With in-depth experience from LEAN projects within Sourcing Warehousing and QC, he possesses a good mix of business understanding and deep technical insight. 

”I am passionate about running projects across departments and professional groups, which my broad educational background largely supports. I am interested in the work zone between business and IT, as well as ensuring constant improvement of processes and security.”

Katrine Bolvig Hansen

Katrine is Civil Engineering in Bioinformatics and Systems Biology from DTU. Katrine was a graduate of Team 2 and she worked with project management within automation of production via robots. Katrine has extensive experience with GMP, data generation and analysis, as well as the ability to familiarize herself with new processes and projects.

”It motivates me to work in a learning and development environment that gives me the opportunity to immerse myself in specific tasks. I am passionate about leading projects that drive development and innovation, and where the fact that I am curious and innovative is an important factor”

Esben Nisted

Esben is a Civil Engineer in Biotechnology, and he was a graduate on Team 2. Esben contributed with planning, resource management, controlling and project management. His background and experience gave him an intuitive process understanding, extensive knowledge of GMP, and the ability to quickly form an overview.

”You never stop learning, and I love it; to learn new processes and put them into perspective. In project and team contexts, I excel by ensuring that we have what it takes, that we use our potential and that we are aware of the goal”

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