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MitVand and MinKloak - Effective dialogue tool that ensures good communication

Effective dialogue tool that ensures good communication between municipality, utility, technician and citizen.

MitVand and MinKloak is a smart, web-based portal that is used for the dissemination of information between municipal and utility employees, citizens and service technicians. The portal also functions as a dialogue tool between plumbers, sewer managers and the client.

MitVand and MinKloak convey information in a user-friendly way via, among other things, educational imagery. With the user-friendly system, clients of municipalities and utilities are guided through causes and solutions regarding water and sewage - both in private and in public spaces. In addition, your client can create an inquiry, which goes straight into your mailbox.

In this way, MitVand and MinKloak provide savings in time and resources and increase your digital service level. The communication goes directly to the relevant actor, and in this way you avoid calls and problems that are not relevant to you.

The systems include, among other things:

  • Inquiries from clients/citizens: Creation of inquiries incl. map marking and documentation
  • Ease of use on all platforms for all users with educational imagery

MitVand and MinKloak support business areas: Water and sewerage, but can also be used for heat, electricity, gas, fibre networks, traffic & roads in the event of, for example, floods, housing associations= etc.

Integration with other IT solutions:

  • Digital management of planning and execution of tasks regarding maintenance and supervisory tasks – e.g. DRIVE

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