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BEST - decision support for water management

BEST Vandløb & Natur (Watercourses & Nature) is a digital tool for groundwater, streams and nature that streamlines municipal case processing.

BEST is a tool for decision support for professionals in the municipalities who work with groundwater, streams and nature. The user-friendly system streamlines municipal case processing and makes the otherwise complex simple.

More than a third of the country's municipalities already use BEST when they have to make important decisions about the groundwater resource. There are good reasons for that. BEST offers a unique overview, optimal utilisation of data and the opportunity for simple and time-saving hydrological calculations on accumulated power.

BEST Vandløb & Natur  3.0

The newest version, BEST VN 3.0, supports the individual assessment, among other things, by providing a number of biologically and physically based support parameters for both the stretch and the catchment being analysed. The biological data that is collected typically reflects the situation on a stretch instead of the situation in a catchment area.

The advantages of the new version of the municipalities' preferred tool for decisions about groundwater resources are that BEST VN 3.0 gathers available data on one platform and qualifies their degree of significance in relation to the impact from direct effects, derived effects and also takes into account the indirect effects. In BEST VN 3.0, data is sorted by quality in order to provide a usable and effective support tool for the case manager.

BEST 3.0 ensures the optimisation of time and resources and the elimination of errors in both day-to-day case processing and future water management.


Read more about the benefits of the municipalities' preferred tool for decisions about the groundwater resource.

That's why you should choose BEST VN 3.0:

  • Helps transform calculated results into impact assessments
  • Gathers data and expertise
  • Fast case processing in detail and a better foundation for professional assessment, which overall ensures sustainability in the future management of watercourses
  • Screening takes place on both large and small watercourses.
  • Efficient, transparent and uniform case processing across administrations, municipal boundaries and time
  • Several relevant data (geology, hydrology and biology) are made available and put into play during the screenings. This provides a broader background for the case manager's indispensable professional assessment.

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