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We bring your project to new heights

We do it with drones 

Unmanned, small aerial vehicles can be equipped with various sensors that enable us to make measurements that were previously unachievable or very expensive.   

Terrain and surface models  

We generate a point cloud based on drone images which, after processing and quality assurance, results in a detailed terrain and surface model.   

Monitoring of construction projects  

Continuous drone photography of construction projects gives both the client and the contractor the opportunity to monitor progress, determine the volume of terrain regulation and check construction sites compliance etc.  


NIRAS carries out condition assessment of, among other things roofs, facades, chimneys, bridges, solar collectors and solar systems. With the drone, we can get up close and obtain images with a resolution of a few millimetres.   

Volume measurement  

3D modelling and subsequent volume calculation of raw material deposits, waste deposits, etc. provides a precise overview of stock, remaining capacity, etc.  

Images and orthophoto in high resolution  

Among other things NIRAS carries out drone flights over commercial properties, where oblique photos and orthophotos with a resolution of 1-2 cm are gathered to support operation and maintenance of buildings and green areas.  

3D modelling  

With the help of drones everything from ancient monuments to buildings can be measured and 3D modelled with a high degree of detail and precision.  

Thermal photography  

We use thermal photography for e.g. to check climate shields in buildings, waste water discharge into streams, defective solar panels, etc.  

Vegetation analyses  

Drone flight is included in analyses for the identification of invasive plant species, biomass calculations and for monitoring e.g. grazing effect and forest growth.  

Biological studies, birds  

NIRAS, in collaboration with ornithologists, uses drones to map the population of breeding seabirds in coastal areas.  

Drones regulation 

On the 1st of January 2021, a new European set of rules for the use of drones came into force. In the first half of 2021, NIRAS applied for and received an operational permit from the Danish Transport Agency to fly 4 drone types in the "Specific category", which means that we can carry out a range of extended tasks for our clients.  

Denmark and Internationally 

We have drone pilots in several offices in Jutland and Zealand, and therefore have a quick reaction time to task requests. We carry out drone tasks in Denmark and Greenland, and also across the rest of the world. Specifically, we have carried out drone tasks in Sweden, England, the Middle East and Africa.  

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Søren Rolin Hvorup Jensen

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