Moss railway station will be the city’s new water-side landmark

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The new railway station in Moss City will be 800 meters long and located in the centre of Moss with a view of the eastern Oslofjord.

During the next few years, Moss railway station will undergo a total transformation in connection to Bane NOR’s nine-figure project to build ten km of double tracks running from Sandbukta in the north to Såstad in the south.

August 6, 2021
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The project is part of Bane NOR’s Intercity-upgrade, which includes two tunnels measuring 2.7 and 2.3 km respectively as well as a new railway station in Moss of approx. 800 meters.

The effort will result in much better train-travel conditions with up to four trains an hour in both directions, effectively reducing the travel time between Moss and Oslo by 30 minutes.

Preliminary work began in the fall of 2017. The main construction work subsequently commenced in 2019, and the first train is expected to run in 2026.

The turnkey contract for the sub-construction was awarded to a joint venture between Implenia Norge AS and Acciona Construcción S.A.

The design team consists of multiple companies with NIRAS responsible for the design of roads, landscaping, drainage and support of rail trails as well as restructuring of public sewage systems and piping for water and district heating.

The project requires restructuring of several existing water- and sewage systems. Four pumping stations will be designed as well as a new transportation pipe to pump wastewater, a new main water supply, a new collective rainwater downpipe to the harbour, and multiple underpasses beneath the new railway tracks.

3D as a crucial tool in cross-disciplinary design

An exciting challenge for NIRAS’s design team is the cross-disciplinary collaboration with the many different professional areas needing to work together.

The entire design process takes place in the 3D-tool Novapoint Quadri, which is especially useful when you need to work across multiple disciplines. It provides a complete overview and enables the team to resolve issues or make adjustments immediately. Another benefit is that the contractor can use virtual and augmented reality.

Unstable soil conditions require engineering expertise

Another challenge is the difficult soil conditions in the Moss area. It requires innovative engineering solutions to ensure lasting durability of the pipework and constructions – just as the narrow and steep roads call for technical engineering expertise.

NIRAS’s role in the project

NIRAS is providing specialist consultancy services to the contracting consortium MossIA ANS, which comprises Implenia Norway and ACCIONA.

Along with consultancy company Dr. Techn. Olav Olsen and MossIA ANS’s technical departments, NIRAS is responsible for the design of structural engineering, drainage, piping, roads, the Moss station and landscaping.

A new fjord square

NIRAS is responsible for landscape design in the Moss area, including modification of new roads to fit the city’s sloped terrain. The design will include new recreational areas, including a stunning tree-lined square in front of the new railway station. The entrance and exits of the two new tunnels will also be designed to blend seamlessly into the fell landscape, e.g. through the use of natural stone bricks.

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Theis Tarp Rasmussen

Theis Tarp Rasmussen


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Thomas Riis Østergaard


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