Strengthening implementation of Finland’s development cooperation and policy through measurement and learning

Southern Highlands, Tanzania II

Part of the Evaluation of Agriculture, Rural Development and Forest Sector Programmes in Africa, a village consultation took place in the southern highlands in Tanzania, which related to the Mtwara Agribusiness Support (LIMAS) project.

Following the successful completion of phase I, phase II of the Evaluation Management Services framework contract continues to deliver strategic and policy level evaluations

September 23, 2021
  • SDG: #1, #5, #10, #13, #16, #6
  • SECTORS: Development Consulting
  • DONOR: Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland
  • CLIENT: Development Evaluation Unit
  • CONTRACT VALUE: €2.5 million
  • DURATION: 2020-2022

Independent and transparent evaluation is a critical component of international development cooperation. Two primary purposes drive the need to conduct
evaluations: measurement of achieved results (accountability) on the one hand and learning from successes and failures to strengthen future policies and interventions (forward-looking).

Following a successful phase I of the Evaluation Management Services (EMS) framework contract, NIRAS continues to support the evaluation function of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland’s Development Evaluation Unit in the second phase (EMS II). The framework contract comprises the implementation of strategic level and policy evaluations. But evaluations encompassing multiple countries or programmes, commissioned by other units at the Ministry, are increasingly being channelled through EMS II. In addition, the services include an evaluation Help Desk that different departments and units can turn to when they plan project-level evaluations.

A number of evaluations are predicted under EMS II which runs from June 2020 to June 2022 with a possibility of extension to 2024.

All evaluation reports produced under EMS I and II are public and can be
accessed on the MFA’s website.
Updates of the evaluation plan are published here.

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Petra Mikkolainen

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