NIRAS in Basel, Switzerland

NIRAS Suisse AG provides consulting services in international development cooperation. We implement mandates that contribute to a sustainable development and a better, fairer and more stable world.

In the past ten years, NIRAS  has been entrusted by the Swiss Development Cooperation and the State Secretariat for Economic Affairs with the implementation of various large and complex projects such as

Priority areas of NIRAS Suisse

The services include in particular the planning, consulting, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of projects as well as fund management. As part of the NIRAS Group, our team counts on extensive project experience and expertise in priority areas of Switzerland’s international cooperation.

  • Economy and education: Promotion of the economy, jobs, labour market, dual vocational training and career guidance, market systems, the financial sector, financial services and digitalisation;
  • Governance and democracy: Strengthening civil society, civic sector, inclusion, gender equality and governance, promoting decentralisation, basic public services, education, health, peace and stability;
  • Climate and environment: Climate and environmental protection, management of natural resources, forests and biodiversity, development of agriculture and land, food security,
  • Infrastructure: rural and urban development and planning, water and energy management, sanitation and hygiene.

Office in Basel, Switzerland

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Christoph Baumann

Christoph Baumann

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+41 79 3421009