How working as a consultant is changing Nathalie’s career path

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For Nathalie Kristine Miró, the journey from graduated pharmacist student to serious contender proved shorter than expected.

As a freshly minted graduate, life as a consultant wasn’t even on her radar when it came to taking the first step in her professional career. The common perception between her peers was that you could become a consultant once you had established yourself in the workforce and had obtained a profile that was more senior than junior.

To her, though, the dream had always been to go in that direction and to get traction as fast as possible.

“When I first started out, I hadn’t seriously considered the possibility of becoming a consultant because I thought that it was for people who had spent years as professionals within the life science sector, and not for newly graduated profiles like me. I was quite surprised to learn that a career as a consultant was actually within reach, and that companies like NIRAS specialise in cultivating this kind of career path for profiles like my own,” she says.

It was when Nathalie met NIRAS at a career fair that she learned about the possibility of becoming a consultant straight away. The idea of being able to shape your own work life, with the flexibility that comes with working as a consultant, spoke to Nathalie, and she started looking into the pros and cons of working as a consultant in a consulting firm.

The conclusion was that NIRAS would be a perfect fit for an extrovert, ambitious profile such as herself. Here, she could get a fast-paced environment, but at the same time have a strong foundation and a safety net.

After a year of working as a consultant for NIRAS Life Science Consulting, Nathalie has more than been confirmed in her choice:

“It has more than lived up to my expectations. I have received a solid introduction to what life is like as a consultant, and for me, it is the perfect match. I really enjoy a fast-paced environment where a high level of expertise is required and where a certain performance level is expected.”

“Working for NIRAS has enabled me with a career path that I hadn’t expected at this point in my life, and I get flexibility, variety, and extensive development. I thrive on a steep learning curve, changing environments, and on being able to meet new people and learn new things, and the consultancy track is well suited for this,” she concludes.

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Nathalie Kristine Miró

Nathalie Kristine Miró

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