From intern to Senior Business Development Manager


Hlaing War War Aung took the journey from Myanmar to Cambodia, advanced her career to a senior position, and travelled the world – all at the age of 33.

Originally from Myanmar, the 33-year-old War War kicked off her journey with NIRAS as one of the participants in NIRAS’s Young Professional Programme in 2017.

She has donned several different roles through her almost six years at NIRAS International Consulting, including project assistant, project manager and Country Director in Myanmar. In May 2023, she was appointed as Senior Business Development and Operation Manager of NIRAS’s International Infrastructure (INIT) Business Unit in the Philippines.

Personal and professional growth has been the main theme of her journey at NIRAS.

“You could say that I grew up at NIRAS. I started as an intern in the development consulting arm and climbed the ladder steadily, achieving my career goals along the way. I’ll always appreciate that NIRAS trusted me and gave me plenty of great experiences, new challenges and the opportunity to visit and work in several countries,” she says. 

Making a difference

At a young age, War War is already well-travelled. She has spent the past two years living in Cambodia, but her work has taken her to Denmark, Serbia, Sweden, Pakistan and the Philippines.

With her civil engineering background, she has been working with different engineering and public sector development projects across Asia.

“I believe my work is making a difference in the development sector, and I am grateful to contribute to the fight against both climate change and poverty,” says War War. 

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