Scandinavian graduate program with an international view

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Are you a newly graduated engineer with a desire to develop and use your skills in projects in Scandinavia? Then our graduate programme might be right for you.

During our two-year graduate programme, you will work across projects within infrastructure, supply, and environment.

After the programme, you can expect to be offered work in NIRAS in Norway or Sweden, where you will make good use of the international experience in your continued career.

Boost your career

With our graduate programme, you will boost your career as a consultant through projects, courses and webinars. In just two years, you will gain the equivalent of three or four years of normal working experience.

You will experience a fast-growing network and meet highly qualified employees who are always ready for professional sparring.

At the beginning of the programme, you will be employed in Norway or Sweden with the expectation of permanent employment in the same place after the programme. During the posting, you will receive a separate contract in the country with good conditions including grants and assistance with housing.

Interested in joining?

The graduate programme is for people who are either newly graduated or have a few years of professional experience and a university degree as an engineer or other relevant master’s degree. We advertise for new graduates each spring in April. In your study, you have specialised in one of the following five subject areas:

  • Railway
  • Road construction
  • Geotechnical engineering
  • Soil and groundwater
  • Climate and sustainability
  • Drains and wastewater
  • Drinking water
  • Physical planning in society
  • Digitalisering, 3D and GIS

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Theis Tarp Rasmussen

Theis Tarp Rasmussen


Oslo, Norway

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Tomas Hjorth

Tomas Hjorth

Vice President, Business Unit

Stockholm, Sweden

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Åsa Malmäng Pohl

Åsa Malmäng Pohl

Affärsområdeschef Vattenbyggnad

Göteborg, Sweden

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